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October Eve Fun Run

I’m not sure if you want results for this morning’s run, but I ran 42.2 km in 3:40.

My GPS has the course at 53.7 km.  Downloading the data into Motion Based software yields a corrected distance of 54.4 km.  This was Gilles and my guess before today based on pacing from Jan. 1.  If you zoom in on the attached map, it looks like the Garmin tracked well.

2006/09 Juan De Fuca Trail Run Times

Name Date Time 
 Dom Repta  02 Sept 2006 7:30
 Gary Robbins  02 Sept 2006 7:30
 John McGrath  02 Sept 2006

Thank You

Speaker Series - Primal Quest - 13 September
I just wanted to take a minute to thank the 40+ people, from as far away as Washington State, who attended our presentation last night.

It was our absolute pleasure to tell our stories and we were all amazed at the turnout.

Special thanks to Sibylle and Ean for organizing the whole event and Keith Nicol for allowing us to host at North Shore Athletics, AND for presenting a 20% discount to all in attendance!

Gary Robbins

Photo: Amy, Gary and Mark presenting their adventures during Primal Quest at NSA in September

The 2006 Kits Pool 5K Challenge ...

Duel at the Pool - 1
... is now over.

Today, September 12, 2006 Lesser Mako Jackson and Maybe Dick Husband splashed to a decisive draw today on a beautiful mid-September super-natural BC day.  Jackson first used the obvious manipulative ploy all weenies use when announcing this morning that today was the only day this week that he could perhaps take enough time from his supposedly over-crowded schedule to try to gain the Kits 5K Challenge.

Of course, to announce his constraint he picked 7 hours after Maybe Dick (or "wise" fatherly figure to the psychologically and emotionally imbalanced Jackson - a boy in a man's body) got off a 5 hour flight from Toronto after putting in a grueling 12 hour day the previous day.  Regardless of the bogus handicapping, the whale shark agreed to give him a go.

It was a magnificent and delightful disaster for our dynamic duo.  Lesser Mako was obliterated over the first 500m leg as the whale showed just how powerfully dominant he was over medium distances.  For the second 500m leg, Lesser Mako picked up some points as Maybe Dick abruptly was reminded that he had just gotten out of a cab from a late-night flight 8 or 9 hours previously.

A quick confab confirmed with Lesser Mako that he would become the "official winner", as Maybe D was not prepared to battle it out over 40 lengths after being handed - nay, confronted - with such an obvious and devious handicap as being forced into the swim with essentially no notice and no choice.

Go Deep Results - 2006

Go Deep or Go Home - 2006 Starter Photo
26 August 2006 - Starter Photo

2006 - Year 5 - Capilano Midsummer Night Run

Capilano Night Run 2006
Starter Photo
32 Starter - 32 Finishers

Only one person forgot her flashlight, nobody got lost, no attacking bears, skunks or raccoons, no weirdos hiding in bushes and no injuries to report. Just a relaxing, midsummer run through a beautiful night time canyon followed by an amazing potluck spread (with illumination this year) at the yellow beacon. Not a bag of chips to be seen. What a healthy bunch we all are. 

Thanks for all to come out and contribute.  Thanks to the loonies who supplied enough crazy talk to last a life time (do I need to mention FFR) and thanks to the runners who tackled 3 CFA events within a 24hour time frame and still had enough humph left to party.
You can add your own impressions by using the comment tab below or through your personal CFA blog.

More photos are posted here.

2006 - Year 3 - Forbidden Forest Run

FFR - 2006 Starter Photo
Forbidden Forrest Run 2006 Starters
It seems the word is out on the Forbidden Forest Run!  There was no recruitment drive per se, yet over 30 people completed an application to join the Capilano Commandos in 2006.

2006 Fluffy Bunny - Year 2

Actual comments from participants Re.

2006 - Year 2

Mary Leliveld's Happy Trails Run - 2006 Starter Photo
 2006 - Starter Photo

Mount Lorne Misadventure - 2006 Results

Mount Lorne Misadventure - 2006

23 July 2006

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