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Reports, results, photos from Club Fat Ass scheduled and flash events.

2009 January - Foolish Gerbil 50km Run - Results

Flash - Foolish Gerbil 50K Trail Run - Results

January 25 - 10 starters

2009 January - Foolish Gerbil Twenty-Four Hour Trail Run - Results


2009 - Year 16 - Vancouver New Year's Day Fat Ass 50 Run and Freeze Your Fat Ass Swim - Results

78 total starters - 37 ran 50K

Galbraith Mountain Tour - 2008 Results

2008 - Pure Satisfaction Results - Year 6

Starter Photo - 14 December 2008

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2008 December - Foolish Gerbil Twelve Hour Trail Run - Results

December 6 - 14 starters

There were not as many participants as in the six hour version of this run.  I'm don't know if that was because of the ridiculously early start time, the weather or perhaps some of the runners in the previous version have simply concluded that running with Fools is not really an experience that they want to repeat.

It was a treat to have some out-of-town friends join us. 

Seymour Super Fun Run - 2008 - Year 7

Congratulations to all that came out for a wonderful day of camaraderie and running! 

36 starters today plyed the treacherous trails of the North shore, some on route some not!  The 'official' route is ~27km with 3,200 ft (975m) of elevation gained and lost.  The weather was wet most of the time with temperatures around 5-7 deg C and puddles-o-plenty on the trail.  We encountered 2 hiking entourages with 20+ members that made zigging and zagging through moving obstacles all the more challenging!

2008 November - Foolish Gerbil Six Hour Trail Run - Results

Go Deep Results - 2008

15 November 2008 - Starter photo

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Go Home Report

2008 - Year 6 - Ann's Get Your Fat Ass Off the Couch - Results

18 October 2008 - 28 Starters

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