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Club Fat Ass featured in BC Living

Georgia Straight - Runners Can Get a Grip On Winter's Challenges

Club Fat Ass member Jess Bassil gets quoted in the Georgia Straight.  Check out this article on winter running:  http://www.straight.com/article-281341/vancouver/runners-can-get-grip-winters-challenges 

New year to start with 100K run

Runner aims for two laps but will skip polar-bear dip




Vancouver New Year's Day Fat Ass 50 Run and Freeze Your Fat Ass Swim Featured in Get Out There Magazine

Check ou this feature in Get Out There: http://www.getouttheremag.com/GOTnews.php?media_id=693

Snowshoeing Takes Heart

Here's an article about snowshoe running that references the host of the
Vancouver New Years Day Fat Ass 50 and the current record-holder of the Lord
of the Loops:


Climb Every Mountain

David Crerar's Bagger Challenge is creating a stir beyond the membership of Club Fat Ass.  Check out todays article in the North Shore News: http://www2.canada.com/northshorenews/news/sports/story.html?id=25acc20b-48a7-43c0-a458-90d113bc6569

Powell River Peak - Coverage of the Marathon Shuffle

Kevin Sigouin pounds marathon shuffle record: 



Radio Interview with Jason Eads about his MO-AR Trek Run

Some of you might enjoy this interview with Jason Eads, a Club Fat Ass member from Missouri, who just finished a 509.94 kilometer run to raise funds and awareness for childhood obesity and an organization called: "Girls on the Run"


Fat Asses in the News

Just got my brand spankin' new November copy of Utrarunning magazine & it is chock full of our own Club members.

It's a little like playing Where's Waldo every month as I scan the results for familiar names, but this month we were treated to a whole'nother level.

For those who prefer to play find-it-for-themselves, then stop reading here, because here come the spoilers...

. . . . . . .

1-Mike Wardas wrote a one page article on Plain 100...complete with a photo of him.

The Human Race Book Project

Are there any Club Fat Ass members that are participating in the Nike/Running Room "Human Race" this Sunday?  Mike McKenzie is a freelance writer, working on a book project for Nike (multiple writers contributing) centering on this event. He would like to contact you if you are participating. 

Please either respond via a comment below or email me.

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