2004 T-Shirt (the "red" year)

The 2004 T-Shirt


Rhonda and Rob model the 2004 Club Fat Ass 'Club Colors'

Manufactured by Gaia. High quality technical t-shirt made with flo-tech fabric to keep you cool and dry. We went with separate men's and women's styles and colors to keep everyone happy. (Please note: women's sizes are form fitted and fit fairly small; men's sizes are loose fitting and fit large. We recommend that women preferring a loose fit take smaller men's size.) Bright red was chosen because we are told it is 'hot!'

On the front:

The Club Fat Ass porker logo and "promoters of oddball athletic events and a healthy, outdoor lifestyle" in white with 'club fat ass' in orange across the porker. Subtitle and informative, enough to turn heads and prompt the question, "What's Club Fat Ass?" from the cashier in the grocery store checkout line.

On the back:

"I may be a fat ass, but I'm in front of you!" in orange.

"www.ClubFatAss.com It's an endurance sports thing. You wouldn't understand)" in white.

Provocative, but tasteful. It answers the question, "What is Club Fat Ass", but barely. The cashier checks out your butt.


On the right arm:

A small acknowledgement to Rackets and Runners for all of the help Kevin Thomson provided.

Our 2004 Poster Children

Rhonda Schuller

A Club Fat Ass member since 2003, Rhonda has a penchant for creative turns and alternate course routes. Despite the fact that she sometimes runs farther than she has to, Rhonda earned women's 50+ 2nd place in the 2002 Montrail BC Ultra Trail Running season and 1st place 2003 women's 50+ Iron Lung series.

Rob MacDonald

Club Fat Ass member #2! As of early 2004, Rob had run 27 ultras and 15 marathons including five Haney-to-Harrison 100K races and the Boston Marathon. While he feels like he's getting slower, he's still game to go 100-miles on a beer bet. He likes long runs in the woods where there's a chance of seeing some wildlife... and has been the wildlife at more than one Club Fat Ass finisher party!