Run the Juan de Fuca on August 25

Anyone interested in running/hobbling the Juan de Fuca trail on Saturday, August 25? Plan is to take the ferry over to the island on Friday after work, camp out at the southern trail head and then run north starting at 5:30 am. Hoping to finish in 12 hours but who knows. Then camp at the north end before heading back to Vancouver on Sunday. All of this is flexible and can be adjusted according to the schedules of other people.

If you're interested, please contact me and let me know your experience. Must have run at least 25 km trail run, preferably 30-35 km. We could meet up this week or next for a local run on the North Shore. Feel free to ask questions or share tips. Any advice from those who have run it before would be greatly appreciated.


JDF in one day

I have done the trail in one day a few years back, from south to north. I figured that way I'd get the toughest part done first. There are some wicked hills on the section leading to Sombrio Beach. Travelling light is a definite bonus. There were lots of people with heavy packs and I'm pretty sure I was having a much better time than they were:)

The part north of Sombrio is much easier so the 29K leading to that beach are the toughest part I would say. There is some beach running. Some of it is on big loose rocks and some on large flat ones. Be careful of ankle sprains! Check the tide tables to make sure you are okay for the parts that require going onto the beach.

When I do it again, I will again bring a light camera, a light jacket but more water this time. I ran out and it wasn't pretty. My overall time was about 7:15 and I had no water for the last 1.5 hour approx. There are a few creeks but I didn't want to take a chance. Water tablets might be an option.

Some people like to have poles to assist with the steep hills but I think they would be a nuisance for a large part. Personal preference I guess.

Not sure what else to add, it was a great day and the trail is of course spectacular. Enjoy!



Here is a good trip report to have a sense of what to expect: http://pureoutside.com/blog/2010/09/running-the-juan-de-fuca-trail/

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