Ride and Bag Sunday! Ride cypress, bag HOL and STR ride to Lynn Valley bag LYN SLY

Don't know if I got the abbreviations right but you get the point!

Who's up for a bag or two?

email me at: adventuremikew 'at' gmail 'dot' com.

Also I'm trying to get BillM's contact info can someone put us in touch?





billm's picture

contact info

Hi Mike,

my email is billm 'at' millsoft 'dot' ca or you can send me a message via the cfa website.

Being the wannabe runner that I am I will be doing kk training this Sunday. It's the big first 3/4 run. I've been a bit slack on the training and need to do some catch up.

I'll be scheduling a Needles/Lynn sweep on Jul 6 and Seymour sweep on Jul 14. Planning new circular routes for both of them this year which will eliminate the redundancy of out and back paths used before.



Needles/Lynn sweep

Hi Bill,   I would be into coming along on a Needles/Lynn sweep the weekend of July 6th. I was thinking of trying the Needles tomorrow but am thinking there will still be some snow and I have never been past Lynn Peak before so going with someone that knows the area would be great.  Let me know if you wouldn't mind the company.  Thanks,  Dana

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