Hey people

i'm from the vancouver kayak club.a member  put up a posting on the VKC website regarding the RED BULL Divide and CONQUER race comin up june 16th,on the north shore.I have never heard of the fat ass trail running club and was made aware of it through an aquaintance.So i thought i'd put up a posting see if i can generate some interest from you hardcore trail runners.It's a team of three a W.W kayaker,trail runner and mountain biker.We are all mostly paddlers and you are mostly all trail runners.Any info on any local mountain bike clubs that i could post a similar note on???

theres a link on the VKC forum titled RED BULL june16th by Tom,that is not me but another member.I am sure there are lots of paddlers lookin for runners and mountain bikers to team up with, and vice versa

Looks like a fun time!!!!!!...heres the link


cheers ROB.G