North Shore Rescue

North Shore Rescue (NSR) is a Mountain Search and Rescue Team based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

The team consists of approximately 40 volunteers skilled in search and rescue operations in mountain, canyon and urban settings.

The team provides search and rescue services to:

  • Provincial Emergency Program (PEP)
  • RCMP and municipal police services
  • Municipal fire services
  • BC Ambulance Service
  • Other SAR teams in BC and Washington
  • Local and regional governments during civil emergencies

NSR performs approximately 90 search & rescue operations annually. Members participate in different support or rescue categories, depending on individual skills and participation levels.

The team mission is:

  • Establish an organization to search for, rescue and assist persons in distress
  • Education
  • Assist other organizations with similar purposes
  • Provide assistance to civil authorities
  • Provide advice and expertise

If you are fit, know the local mountains, have some first aid and are ready to commit serious time on this well known team, we want to hear from you. Read the membership section of our website. If you are still interested, download, complete and fax in the form

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