Capilano Canyon Night Run - Event Report and Results


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A fine summer evening greeted starters as they assembled on a suburban North Vancouver cul-de-sac for the Capilano Canyon Night Run (a Midsummer Nights Dream) this past Saturday. As young Erik raised his cap gun just after 8:00 pm, young Austin shouted, "3-2-1 Go!" and 24 Club Fat Ass members set off into the dusk for a trail run.

Neighbors were out on the street with beers in hand offering encouragement. A large group of Japanese language students also politely applauded this odd Canadian ritual with reserved shouts of "Gambate!"

At the first intersection, the field divided into 2 with the shorter, 12K Group run heading east and the longer, 17K Competitive runners heading west. The objective is for everyone to merge back together a couple of kilometers before the finish and arrive back at the start within roughly 90 minutes...then have a party.

The run has been hosted 7 times over the past 4 years (there's also a Mardi Gras version in February.) About 20 minutes into the summer version, both Group and Competitive courses are into some rocky, rooty trail sections and it gets very, very dark. Amazingly enough, and for the very first time in the history of the run, there were no seriously lost lambs and no trees or rocks were damaged by people hurtling into them. There were no pervert or bear sightings this year, however, many runner's hearts skipped a beat when a skunk decided to pick a fight with a cat on the Bowser Trail section.

For the very first time, there were 2 Club Fat Ass events to choose from on the same day: the Full Monty in Victoria, British Columbia and the Night Run in North Vancouver. Decisions, decisions. Both Geoff Palmer (infamous as the host of the Fluffy Bunny Trail run) and Doug Bodnar made a compromise. Both ran the inaugural Half Monty 25K then hopped into their cars and took a long ferry ride so they could also complete the Capilano Night Run!

A yellow "harvest" full moon illuminated the trail so well that in open areas, our headlamps and flashlights weren't even needed. Pat Berry saw a shooting star. (An omen of good luck, as she won a subscription to Trail Runner magazine later in the evening!) At roughly 1 hour into the run, we were treated to a fine buffet of homemade cookies and other goodies by Cathy and Bryce Adams at Aid Station Adams. Before allowing us back onto the trail, Bryce made all runners put their heads on his baseball bat and run around it 3 times. He also got us to hopscotch as we made our way down the trail. Cruel! (Ten year old Bryce, by the way, ran sweep with his Dad, Ron, and partied to midnight.)

The finish area was bustling with activity by the time I arrived. Seven year old Erik (the official co-starter of the event) offered showers from the garden hose. Candles and tiki lights illuminated the stairs and decks lending a magical feel to the party that kicked off in earnest as the buffet table was spread. It seemed that everyone put in a special effort for the potluck this year. Selections included several home baked blackberry dishes (pies, scones), wild rice salad, quesadillas, spicy marinated vegetables, wraps, sushi, vodka jigglers, fresh figs, homemade mango sorbet and fruit salad.

Thanks to Trail Runner magazine, Hammergel and Sibylle Tinsel, who pitched in some homemade blackberry jam, there were prizes. The Glutton for Punishment award, of course, was awarded to both Doug and Geoff for their double-hitter. Youngest runner and best aid station recognition went to Bryce Adams. Pat Barry was the most experienced runner of the evening having completed 6/7 Capilano Canyon night runs while Mike Rhodes got a prize for the top placing "virgin".

The next Capilano Canyon Night Run (Mardi Gras) will be on February 18th. Cold, freezing rain, lots of mud and a grumpy bear or 2 are on order, so I hope to see you at the start!

Ean Jackson

Place First Name Last Name City/Town Province
Age Time Point Series
Competitive Run
1 Bill Dagg Vancouver BC 42 1:36:42 2
1 Geoff Palmer Coquitlam BC 23 1:36:42 1
3 Desmon Mott North Vancouver BC 46 1:41 2
3 Paul Cubbon North Vancouver BC 43 1:41:00 2
5 Doug MacKay North Vancouver BC 54 1:53 1
6 Ean Jackson North Vancouver BC 47 1:54 2
6 Mike Rhodes North Vancouver BC 40 1:54 1
8 Eileen Bistrisky Vancouver BC 38 3:00 2
8 Ryan Russell Richmond BC 32 3:00 1
Group Run
1 Robert Westendorp Vancouver BC 40 1:16 2
2 Russ Chore Pitt Meadows BC 31 1:26 2
2 Christine Rybak Pitt Meadows BC 34 1:26 2
4 Baldwin Lee Burnaby BC 32 1:29:30 2
4 John Machray North Vancouver BC 52 1:29:30 2
4 Craig Moore North Vancouver BC 44 1:29:30 2
4 Claudia Bullington Richmond BC 38 1:30:11 1
8 Patricia Barry Vancouver BC 44 1:46 2
8 Sibylle Tinsel North Vancouver BC 42 1:46 2
10 Cheryl Johnson Pitt Meadows BC 56 1:47 2
10 Rhonda Schuller Vancouver BC 55 1:47 1
12 Doug Bodnar Victoria BC 38 2:00 2
Custom Course
1 Ron Adams North Vancouver BC   0:28:54 1
2 Bryce Adams North Vancouver BC 10 0:28:54 1
3 Donna Rodman North Vancouver BC 55 1:15 1
  Bryce Adams North Vancouver BC 10   2
  Cathy Adams North Vancouver BC     2
  Troy Angrignon Vancouver BC     2
  Ethelyn David Surrey BC     2
  Austin David Surrey BC 9   3*
  Johanna Jackson North Vancouver BC 8   2
  Erik Jackson North Vancouver BC 7   2
  Sascha Westendorp Vancouver BC     2

* earned 1 extra point for picking up garbage

24 Starters
24 Finisher
7 Crew