Monty first report

Seven souls turned up good and early for the first running of the Monty. We all ran the short course today, Ludo did an amazing job today and romped home in a blistering 2:25:28, he was gamely pursued by Peter Erickson of Ocean River , Unfortunately Peter rolled an ankle trying to catch the flying Frenchman, He had 2:35:33 on his clock, third man in was Pano Skrivanos of IRR, he was telling me about his runs on Mt. Newton, he hung with Geoff and I for the first two hours, then when I told him we had 30 mins. to go he switched into the more anaerobic stuff that he trains for so well at the track and bounded off on the down run to the finish 2:41:36, Geoff and I seem to have formed a bond ever since I nearly met my maker the other day at his Fluffy Bunny. We rolled up to the bridge in 2:45:20. Lindsay was kind enough to run sweep today she and Doug Bodnar came in at 3 hours. Doug got an extra few points for picking up an empty beer bottle from the park, thanks Doug! he said that he was looking all the time for trash, and couldn't find any, the irony was that as we walked down to the Lake , that's where he found it! The swim was great Ludo is still there on his towel reading his book. The trophy winners today were Ludo for a C.R and first Male, Lindsay for first fem and super-sweep/trail guide. Thank Lindsay and yes we all had a good time. I took a whack of pic's with my throw away camera, but they will take a few days to process.(old school film.) Life is real good!


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Congratulations to the Monty crowd!

Congrats to everybody running the Monty today. Can't wait to see the pics!

The big question is will Doug Bodnar be the first person ever to do 2 Club Fat Ass event in a day? I'll be waiting for you at the Night Run, Doug!


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