Subway 120K ultra.

May 21st Courteney B.C. Two CFA members did good today. This race is run as a relay of 10 legs with about 300 runner, and two Ultra runner! Ultra Runners: Two Distances are available, approximately 120 km or 50 km (start at stage 7) No one signed up for the 50K. Ultra runners compete in this spectacular and scenic run following the coastal road from Courteney to Nanaimo. Runners must be self sufficient, carry the necessary water and provisions or have a support person. No water stations are provided on the course. Started the morning in the Thrifty Foods parking lot in Courtenay B.C.I parked my car and watch the birth of an event. Mat showed up with 10 mins. to spare, signed his waiver and at 4:00 we were off. We spent the dark part of the morning running out of town on Cliff, Mat was planning a 12:30 I was hoping for a 13 so we hung together, all the way when he stopped for aide, I walked ahead until I could hear his footsteps, then we would run side by side for the next 6 hours. Splits:- 1)1:32 2)1:27 3)1:09 4)1:08 5)0:57 Then I took on the challenge of eating 1/2 a sandwich! Unless you've tried it, you wouldn't believe how hard it is to swallow. When your body has programed itself to run and breath, swallowing is a tough thing and slow, I mean slow going.I walked as I ate, Mat ran so that was it for my partner! I didn't see him again till the stadium. He and I were both well aware of what we had just done. I will remember coming into the stadium as one of those "Olympic" type moments, I was tearing up and I could head the theme from "Chariots of Fire" playing in my head. It was a surreal moment, hearing the whole stadium cheer and getting a standing "O" from the beer tent was that 15 minute of fame you hear about, mind you it took me 13 hours to earn that buzz! the PM( Post Mat.) splits:- 6)1:31 7)1:26 8)1:04 9)1:39 10)1:25 Mat and I both shattered the C.R. me by about two hour him by three. A good day's work for both of us. Thanks to Kerry, (Mats Support) and thanks to the marshalls! Were they all the same guy? I could have sworn I saw the same guy at least four times throughout the day, maybe I was seeing things, mind you, I get more punchy at the E/B Ultras, than I did during this race. I love this sport!