Mountain Highway Madness Fun

Hi Ean,
Just to let you know, I did do the 2 laps after all and my total time was 4:30. What a fabulous day. Aside from the snow and the great company, one of the highlights for me was being lapped by Mark at the Quarry on my second and his third lap. I just turned around and he was there. Unbelievable! And he stopped to chat so he wasn't just racing. I thought Glen Pace & Bill Dagg were going to lap me too but I just barely held them off. Bill's last downhill was 35 minutes, pretty fast. Big congatulations to all who did 3 laps today.....amazing in all that snow.
Glad you started a conversation with the group that had started out at Propect Point that morning. That's a feat a person should know about.
Great event. Thank you & Sibylle for always showing up in so many ways (even when injured). Pete is so right. We owe you big time!