Practice run for Forbidden Forest?

Kettle Moraine 100  has a 38 mile night fun run this year.  They're using it as a way to get people out on the course to encourage the ultras.  What a great idea.  Hope it turns into a trend.  Here's the link



Dear unknown writer:  You're

Dear unknown writer:  You're hilarious.  Hope you know that I quote these kinds of comments to just about everyone I know.  Some people are getting a very skewed idea about ultra runners.
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Practice for Forbidden Forest

Hey Cheryl,

I'd also encourage folks to go out to one or both of the Capilano Canyon Night runs: MardiGras or MidSummer Night's Dream. These Club Fat Ass events are more, ahem, "friendly" to intermediate and advanced night runners.

I've enjoyed numerous animated debates with the Chief Executive Fat Ass as to whether the Forbidden Forest Run should even be considered a CFA event. Included, but not limited to the facts that the Forbidden Forest Run is by invitation only, applicable only to very experienced ultraendurance types who are comfortable eating their toenails and drinking their own urine, there's no fixed date for it due to security issues, experience running for days without stopping in hostile territories such as war zones, being shot at, being chased by bears, and being comfortable dressed entirely in black.

Be sure to get your application in soon...I also like to keep it to a tight group of under 15 runners. Forbidden Forest Run.

You know who.

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