February 2013 Newsletter

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Dear Friends and Members of Club Fat Ass,

One might think that wintertime is a slack time for an outdoors-oriented club.  Not so with this one!  

Karl Jensen and Mark Schmitz have been busy Event Hosts. The new Burnaby Lake series and the Seymour  Sundays provide much needed motivation during these dreary days of winter.  

Over the last couple of month, many Club members have been busy preparing for the Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival (VIMFF) Trail Running night in early February. It was an inspiring evening of  great adventures and accomplishments and an outstanding way to catch up with friends.  Thanks to everyone who came by the CFA table.  I feel very lucky to be part of this great trail running community.

Don't miss the Capilano Canyon Night Run Mardigras this coming weekend.  It's one of the original Club events.  The post event festivities are legendary.  If you like snowshoe running or would like to give it a try, join us at the Squamish Scrambler the following weekend.  Details for all upcoming events are in the newsletter below.

Lastly, a reminder that  all memberships expired December 31st.  If you haven't renewed yet, take a moment to do it now:  

2013 Membership Registration + Renewal.

Happy Valentine's Day,

Sibylle Tinsel
Chief Executive Fat Ass


Capilano Canyon Night Run. 16 February - North Vancouver, BC, Canada. A 90-minute run that starts in a suburban neighborhood, traverses the twilight zone, then stimulates your senses with a trail run in the mist and inky blackness of the Capilano Canyon. Choose between a guided group run at a gentle pace for the socially-inclined and first time night runner, or a competitive run for those more motivated by the clock and the opportunity to rip their buddy's lungs out. Both runs are followed by a pool party, a potluck party as a celebration of Fat Tuesday. Entry limited to the first 50, so please register early!

Photo right: At the start of last years Carpilano Canyon Night Run
Photo left: A playful raven watches out over snowshoers in the coastal mountains

Squamish Scrambler. 23 February - Squamish, BC, Canada. This is an out-and-back snowshoe hike/run up to Elfin Lakes Cabin in Squamish (22km). Bring the family as far as Red Heather, a 10km return snowshoe hike, or continue on up towards Little Diamond Head, or out towards Mamquam Lake, depending on conditions and motivation. Savor spectacular views of The Tantalus Range, Howe Sound and Sky Pilot.  More info here.

Flash - Burnaby Lake 80K2 March - Burnaby, BC Canada. A Fool has signed up for the Pacific Rim 24 hour run in mid-March and thinks that a little training might be of some value in that endeavour.   Anyone wanting an early season 80K on a nice, flat 10K loop is welcome to join...of course, in true Club Fat Ass tradition you may run whatever distance you wish.  Details.

Photo right: As splendid sunset at Burnaby Lake

Photo left: We anticipate less snow during this years Spring Mountain Highway Madness run.

Mountain Highway Madness - Spring Edition. 17 March - North Vancouver, BC, Canada. This mind-numbing interval session is officially held twice a year. Runners complete one or more 15 km laps (with approximately 1 km or 3,300' of elevation change per lap) on a wide dirt and gravel access road (no traffic).  Details.

Spaghetti Trees. 30 March  - Victoria, BC, Canada.  Teagirl Katie, the girl who runs in a dress (and stockings) shows off the best our west coast has to offer.  Find the elusive Spaghetti Trees on the 12km or 16km trail  loop run in East Sooke Regional Park.  Skip past ancient copper mines and gorgeous west coast vistas.  Get to the start via an optional bike ride along the Galloping Goose trail from the ferry.  Play along with Katie's antics along the course and finish the day with a pint of local micro brew in a 116-year-old pub. Why is it called Spaghetti Trees? We'd love to hear your guesses :).  Find out more here

Photo right: Sibylle and porker, the club mascot, enjoyed the ferry ride to an earlier edition of the Spaghetti Tree run near Victoria.


Steering Committee. Any time is a good time to give back to the community you love.  Club Fat Ass is member-driven.  Please contact Sibylle if you can contribute a little bit of love and enthusiasm to helping manage the club in 2013.


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