June 2013 Newsletter

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Dear Friends and Members of Club Fat Ass,

Success is killing us.  Over the past 10 years, CFA has hosted over 500 free events.  We've learned that there is a place in this world for free, low-key events that challenge us athletically, but emphasize fun, mentorship and camaraderie over competition. 

We've also learned that "free" comes a cost.  That cost is the love the CFA Event Host puts into their event and the many, many hours the Steering Committee invests behind the scenes to pull it all together.

That burden on the Steering Committee has been building over the past few years.  It has now reached the point where it's no longer possible to continue the Club as in the past... there are simply not enough hours in the day for those who do the work to get it all done.

The options we're considering range from transferring management of the Club to someone with more resources... to shutting down the Club altogether. They include moving the "online clubhouse" (website) to our Facebook page, reducing the number of CFA events, taking some events "pro", and/or completely doing away with Club dues and with the end of dues, eliminating anything that takes administrative time or costs money.

As a Club member or supporter, what do you think?

With almost 10,000 newsletter subscribers, Facebook friends, Twitter followers and website visitors and 200 full members, we figure the best way to organize your advice is with a brief survey.  There are 2 questions:

  • What do you think the Steering Committee should do?
  • What are you prepared to do to help?

Click here to take the survey now:   http://www.clubfatass.com/future-club-fat-ass   

We'll leave the survey up until the end of June so everyone who has a thought has lots of time to share it. 

Whatever the future direction of the Club, nothing will change until the end of this year, so be sure to get the most out of your membership by attending as many of the 17 remaining CFA events in 2013... and be sure to get one of the few remaining Club t-shirts in inventory before they become collectors' items on eBay!

Enjoy the summer!

Happy Trails,

Sibylle Tinsel
Chief Executive Fat Ass


Bagger Challenge. 1 April - 25 October - North Shore Mountains, BC Canada.  See how many North Shore peaks you can run up and bag in a summer.  Start racking up points now by bagging the snowless Howe Sound Island peaks.   Find out more here.  We are also looking for GPS data of previous bagging adventures to share with all Baggers this year.

Photo left: Eric Rannaud sporting his canary yellow club shirt on the Howe Sound Crest Trail last summer.

Flash - 5Peaks Cypress Warm Up. July 14 - North Vancouver, BC, Canada. 11 July - North Vancouver, BC.  A fun and free group orientation run on for the 6 km and 14km courses of the  5Peaks Cypress Mountain Race. Combination of single track, technical hiking trails and alpine ski runs.   There will be faster and slower pace groups on each course, so there's something for everyone.  Get to know the trail you will race on so you can kick some butt on race day!  Of course, you are welcome to run with us even if you are not registered for the 5Peaks race.  Details and free registration here. If you are able to lead a group, please contact 

Sibylle.Photo right: EH Carlos (with Teagirl Katie) showing off the trails and views in his backyard. 

The Monty. 20 July - Victoria, BC, Canada. Can you do the Full Monty? 25km or 50km on beautiful single track trails. Amazing views. Check it out here.

Pansyman Ultra Triathlon. 21 July - Vancouver, BC, Canada. An urban triathlon right here in Vancouver! 3.8km swim, 181.5km bike ride, 50km ULTRA!  Finisher Medals for everyone! Winners of categories get a "bouqet" of pansies! Tattoos included!  Details here.

Mary Leliveld's Happy Trails: 27 July - North Vancouver, BC, Canada. A beautiful hike up Lynn Peak in the afternoon and/or an easy evening run in memory of our friend and Club member Mary Leliveld. Emphasis is on camaraderie rather than competition. We would like to see this be a group hike where we celebrate the life of a friend who can't join us.  We end the evening with a pot luck dinner and post-hike/run party. Non runners are welcome to join in! This is also a fundraiser for a bursary in Mary's name. Registration and more information here.  

Photo left:  Ascending on the Baden-Powell Trail from the Lynn Headwaters to Mountain Highway

Bill's Great Peak Ascent. 28 July - North Vancouver, BC. With Kneeknacker over and done with and Squamish 50 coming up, Bill's Great Peak Ascent offers a great group training opportunity for those with upcoming races or just to wanting to get some more off-road mileage in. Find Out more here.

Full Moon Frenzy. 17/18 August - Manning Park. An epic adventure for the very brave and crazy.  Details here.

Capilano Canyon Night Run - A Midsummer Night's Dream. August 24 - North Vancouver, BC, Canada. Don't miss this night running classic followed by a garden party and potluck extravaganza. Details here.

Go Home via the Hanes Valley. August 31 - North Vancouver, BC, Canada.  Chose between a nice and easy 14km trail or tough, backcountry wilderness runs of 18km or 30km length.  More here



The Future of The Club.  Yes, changes in the wind... but not until 2014.  Be sure to share your thoughts on the direction of the Club at:   http://www.clubfatass.com/future-club-fat-ass

Two for One Shirt Sale.  Cheaper than shopping at the Sally Anne!  Next year might see different Club colors... or no colors at all.  We're blowing out the controversial "I may be a Fat Ass, but I'm in front of you!" blue and black technical t-shirts.  Limited quantities and colors.  A "must-have" for every ultrarunner's t-shirt drawer.  A great gift for your Mom.  Ther perfect present for that friend or co-worker who needs a kick in the tail to get active.  Get your Club Fat Ass colours now for only $25 for 2. Details here.


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Club Fat Ass and our members support a variety of charities, causes and events.  Please check them out here.

If you have any causes close to your heart and want to raise awareness and/or funds let us know. A number of CFA Event Hosts use their events as fund raisers. Be sure to consider the special section on the Club website that offers ideas on how to raise money for your favorite cause while hosting a free CFA event.



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