We Are Moving

Changes are underfoot as we run quickly toward a new year!

First, your "online clubhouse" is moving....

Starting in January, all of your Club's online activity will happen on our Facebook group.  It's free.  It's as easy as pie to share comments and photos.  It's up and running with most upcoming events already highlighted. 

Like any move, this one has taken a lot of planning and preparation. Please be patient and generous with your comments as we make the transition.  

"What about the exisiting website?", you ask.  It will be archived, but you'll still be able to access the rich history of results, photos and stories.  To elminate confusion between the Facebook pages and groups, we'll delete the older Facebook page.  Given Facebook automatically sends updates to group members, there's no need for this newsletter, either, so it will be discontinued.  

So, don't miss a step, join the Club Fat Ass Facebook group now! 

As you reflect on your year, I hope it includes good thoughts of your adventures with Club Fat Ass.  With all of the positive changes underway in the Club, we're so excited about the possibilities for 2014 we could burst!  I hope you agree and that we see a lot of you out there on the trails in the near future.

Merry Christmas.  Happy Holidays.  Happy New Year.  Happy Trails!