Radio Interview with Jason Eads about his MO-AR Trek Run

Some of you might enjoy this interview with Jason Eads, a Club Fat Ass member from Missouri, who just finished a 509.94 kilometer run to raise funds and awareness for childhood obesity and an organization called: "Girls on the Run"


Jason will be travelling to Vancouver next week and hopes to put in a lap or two at the North Shore Enduro on Saturday.

Stats on Jason's run are as follows:

Many people have asked for stats on the MO-AR TREK. I’ve included information below that may help answer some questions I’ve fielded.

The best I can do is providing the information that my GPS watch (Garmin Forerunner 305) recorded during MO-AR TREK, plus a couple of little ‘anecdotal’ tid-bits Lauren and I thought of. I really don’t know how accurate the Garmin is. I haven’t researched that, and I don’t plan to because MO-AR TREK is about helping Girls on the Run, not about racing or results. Besides, had it been a race, I would have been the 1st AND last place finisher! Nonetheless, I do like numbers and data, so I find it interesting as well.

The clock stops for no one (sort of). MO-AR TREK was not a continuous run - I'm pretty crazy, but not THAT crazy.

From the start of the run for each day until the final mileage was achieved for that day the clock ran 100% of the time, whether running, walking, changing shoes, picking my nose, etc. The clock was stopped after running for the day and restarted at the beginning of the next day’s run.

Prepare to be unimpressed, especially you faster runners!

Total Distance: 316.86 (509.94 kilometers)
Total Running Days: 9
Avg. Miles per day: 35.21
Avg. Minutes per mile: 12:37
Avg. Miles per hour: 4.7
Fastest Mile (minutes/mile): 8:12
Slowest Mile (minutes/mile): 37:04
Fastest Pace total day (minutes/mile): 10:47 (Day 2 – 38.08 miles - Union, MO to Leasburg, MO)
Slowest Pace total day (minutes/mile): 14:31 (Day 7 – 36.17 miles - Springfield, MO to Verona, MO)
Longest Run: 40 miles (Day 5 - Hazelgreen, MO to Niangua, MO)
Shortest Run: 21.42 miles (Day 9 – Seligman Hollow, MO to Bentonville, AR)
Calories Consumed: 44,429
Weight Change: -3lbs
Avg. Heart Rate: 133 bpm
Elevation Ascent: +31,813ft
Elevation Descent: -31,108ft
Total Elevation Change: +705ft
Pairs of shoes rotated: 5
Blisters: 0 (seriously, I’m even amazed at this one. The heat never got too bad and I used a lot of petroleum jelly on my feet – seems to have done the trick! Plus, good shoe fit is KEY)
Avg. Attempts for Lauren to ‘get it right’ with the tape on my left leg: 3
Dead Roadside Opossums: 38
Number of sports drink & water gallons consumed: 16.5
Favorite recovery food or drink: Chocolate Milk with additional skim milk powder added (for extra protein post run)