Seymour Super Fun Run - 2008 - Year 7

Congratulations to all that came out for a wonderful day of camaraderie and running! 

36 starters today plyed the treacherous trails of the North shore, some on route some not!  The 'official' route is ~27km with 3,200 ft (975m) of elevation gained and lost.  The weather was wet most of the time with temperatures around 5-7 deg C and puddles-o-plenty on the trail.  We encountered 2 hiking entourages with 20+ members that made zigging and zagging through moving obstacles all the more challenging!


I ran with Jeremy who ran extremely well which enabled us to challenge each other duelling it out down Ned's!  Of course Nevee the wonder dog accompanied me the whole way having a blast!  Chris and Ran ended up ahead of me when I hit Bridle path and was surpised to see them in front of me.  I accused them of going the wrong way and they looked at me puzzled.  After the run we compared notes and it was me who went wrong!  I went up Mystery creek and should have gone up the Hyannis connector access trail!  There were many stories like that.  We run so many events in those woods that we get them all confused! 

The Bean Around the world venue worked out well as we seemed to have enough room for everyone as people filtered in and out.  We had two draws for prizes to enable as many FA members as possible to get a prize regardless of when they came in.  If you missed the draws we gave away - 6 pairs of Newbalance socks, 2 Newbalance touques from our sponsors at Kintec Footlabs, Kinesys products and two subscriptions to Trail Runner magazine.

Thank you to our sponsors who supplied the prizes.  Thanks to everyone for making this event so fantastic every year.  I'd like to say a special thank you to Daniel Probst who drove up from Bellingham to bring me my 'pulk' and run with us today.

After this run I had a chance to chat with Gail and George Foreshaw about putting on a 100 miler in the Manning Park area the second weekend in September.  This is how it all happens folks, the maps come out, the distances start to be calculated, aid station locations, add a few demented former race directors and find a few runners who want the challenge and Voila! you have a new event!  Keep looking on this website for details as it will run as a FA event first.



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Survey: Please also take a moment to answer our brief post event survey.

Note: Teri Bridgen, a new CFA member, had an unforeseen conflict arise which left her unable to attend the actual run on Saturday.  She ventured out earlier this morning and here is what she had to say: "Well, it rained and it poured, but the route was fantastic.  A little slick and full of large puddles but a great route that offers something for everyone.  No snow, even at the parking lot and top of Ned's but some very cold, slightly frozen rain.  Thanks for planning the run.  I wish I could have done it with the group. Sibylle, my time was 3:24.  Not a fast day but an enjoyable one.  Good luck tomorrow and try to stay warm, it was a chilly morning.  Teri".  I received her note Friday evening before the start of the MM Run ... first results up on the website...gotta be a record ;-)

Results (please let us know missing times/names or corrections)

First Name Last Name City Event Points Time
mike wardas N. Vancouver 27km 3** 2:38
Ran Katzman Vancouver 27km 2 2:40
Chris Benn Vancouver 27km 1 2:40
Jeremy Hill North Vancouver 27km 2 2:42
Bill Dagg Vancouver 27km 2 2:43
Colin Freeland North Vancouver 27km 2 2:43
Pano Skrivanos North Vancouver 27km 1 2:43
Rob  MacDonald Burnaby 27km 2 2:45
David Crerar North Vancouver 27km 1 2:48
Chad Hyson Vancouver 27km 2 3:05
Daniel Probst Bellingham  27km 1 3:05
Dave Berg Burnaby 27km 2 3:06
Jackie Muir Vancouver 27km 1 3:06
christine  rybak north vancouver 27km 1 3:06
Stephen Blyth North Vancouver 27km 1 3:08
Kirsten Ramage Vancouver 27km 1 3:08
Garry Rathbone North Vancouver 27km 2 3:08
Jess  Bassil Vancouver 27km 2 3:16
Krys pick maple ridge  27km 2 3:16
Ray Levasseur Vancouver 27km 1 3:20
Teri Brigden North Vancouver 27km * ran Friday 2 3:24
Baldwin Lee Burnaby 27km 2 3:29
Gail Foreshaw Poco 27km 2 3:50
George Foreshaw Poco 27km 1 3:50
Karl Jensen North Vancouver 27km 2 3:50
philip waters vancouver 27km 2 3:50
Laddie Hannam North Vancouver 27km 2 4:02
john  machray n vancouver  27km 1 4:10
Jennifer McGrath Surrey 27km 2 4:34
Arthur Gee Vancouver 27km 3* 4:38
Sibylle Tinsel North Vancouver 27km 2 4:38
Gord Thompson Coquitlam Custom 2 2:33
Lorraine Suomi North Vancouver custom 1 2:49
Rea Blyth North Vancouver custom 1 3:08
Monty Watts North Vancouver custom 2 3:20
Craig Moore North Vancouver custom - 10km 2  1:30

*  Garbage Collection point
** Event Host point

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Mike & Melissa's is GREAT!

Thanks for organizing a great event.  I had a wonderful time.  Except for the first 15 minutes I ran completely solo ... I did not see another Fat Ass until I returned to the coffee shop.  I had the route description and a map so went off-trail only a few times and then made the necessary corrections pretty quickly.  My GPS shows 30.14kms ... bring it on, and thanks again Laughing It was also good to meet other Fat Asses both before and after this event.
Jeremy Hill's picture

The distance varies

My Garmin read 22.77k............... alot of water on the trees made for poor reception.
Sibylle's picture

30.1km - eh!

Hm, now we have measurements ranging from 24km (Colin's GPS from last year), 27km (Mike on a bike?) and 30km. Take your pick.  Shows that measuring those trails remains an art not a science.  Good for you for toughing it out on your own.  Nice chatting with you at the cafe...I was a bit spacey, though ;-)
Jeremy Hill's picture

I was a Virgin on the Bridal Path


As this was my first CFA event, I was nervous. What to wear? As we headed up Old Buck and keeping pace with Mike, I glanced at my watch and noted my ever climbing HR. GULP. What did I get myself into? Bouncing down Ned's was Brilliant. 2" shorter now. Attempting to hang with Mike was going well. Started to lose Contact with Mike as we approached the Suspension Bridge. I attribute this to running into the 20+ Japanese training for their Everest Ascent. By the time I was gingerly tip toeing my way across the board walks, Mike was out of sight. Up the Steep Baden Powell. Ok do I go left or right. Go Right it is and off I went down down down. This is wrong!!!!! 180....Up Up Up....Note to self, bring map! Yes I know it a male thing. Managed to run with Bill and Colin (I believe) for the balance of the inauguration. All good and a great Event!

If it weren't for the 2 Brownies (thanks Melissa) I would still be mixed up with the Everest  training Group!

Thanks M&M 



Sibylle's picture

Glad you had a good run with

Glad you had a good run with the fasties.  Lots of twists and turns and opportunity to get turned around on this one...especially, as Mike pointed out, it follows all our old favorite trails, but mixes them up in new combinations and as Arthur pointed out, some trails that we have know under a certain name forever, are officially actually called something else (Fishermans after crossing the pipeline brigde is called Anglers Trail - must turn into Fisherman after crosses Twin Bridge?)  See you on the trails!
Craig Moore's picture

it was great

thanks once again M&M for a great time in the woods. For the record, I cut off to the BP on the way up Old Buck and headed down to circle around by way of Bridle Path to get back to Old Buck and then back to the car. It was pretty much right on 1.5 hours and I'd say about 10km. I hardly saw anyone on the trails after I split from Arthur, Lorraine and Sibylle but for me it was good being back on the BP after a long and necessary break from running. I hope to see you all at Pure Satisfaction in a couple of weeks.
Sibylle's picture

Glad you are back!

I hope your injury if on the way out and that you are back to full running form soon.  It was great to see you back...I am still holding out hope to run New Year's Day with you ;-)
Craig Moore's picture

Jan 1

well, I'm signed up for FA50 but it will be more like a 1/2 or 1/3 rather than the full distance for me. I have one goal next year and everything is taking a back seat to that. I'll give you a hint ... kk x 10. Of course, I did enjoy my time on the Jan 1 course with you so I hope we get to do at least some of it together again. How quickly we forget the pain and focus on the joy!
Sibylle's picture

I'll be there!

I am set to run the full 50km - oh yes, one forgets the pain...
Sibylle's picture

Lost and Found

Yesterday, a pair of black NB running shorts (women's ?) were left behind at the cafe.  If they are yours, please arrang pick-up with me.
Baldwin Lee's picture

This could take some getting used to...

I think this is the first time in four tries of M&M's Fun Run that I didn't get lost even in the less than stellar conditions the course offered this morning. And I owe it all to GPS which is really short for the Gottfried Positioning System. Gottfried would be on the BP, Bridle Path, Old Buck when I least expected him. He literally came out of nowhere. I found out later he was playing mindgames with me which isn't that much of a stretch. 

25 minute PR from last year. I really earned that cinnamon bun which I inhaled right in front of Daniel. I felt so good from this morning's run, that I went home, cleaned up and drove back to the North Shore for some road miles. It was a good day for a run.

Sibylle's picture

GPS - aka Gottfried Positioning System

I love it!  But where was Gottfried when I needed him?  Just for the records, though: at no point were we lost, just off course...Smile My internal GPS pointed me downhill, when I think we should have followed Bridle uphill a bit more.
Sibylle's picture

Mud Fest

What a great run today.  Thanks Mike for organising it. 

I had a bit of a cold today and suffered the after effects of low energy through most of the run/walk.  If it wouldn't have been for Arthur, who relied on me to find the way, I probably would have bailed around the 3h mark.  Alas, despite leading Arthur off course a bit, he claims he would have been much slower on his own as he always gets lost.  We had some good laughs when he and Lorraine were in front and looking for the trail out of the Lookout Parking lot ended up at the outhouses. 

Interesting that Mike admits getting off course, too.  I think the last portion of the route description needs a bit more meat Tongue out , especially around the very unspecific "basically, you want to get to Old Buck"...hahaha.  We did get to Old Buck eventually, but I don't think we followed the intended trail.  Arthur thinks we should have stayed on Bridle, even when it veered up again, but I pointed us downhill...(as my body was demanding downhill).  Our little loop included a tour through the houses in the Northlands Golf development and a peek at some very gaudy Christmas ornaments.

See you all next week at the Foolish Gerbil in Pacifc Spirit Park and the week after at Pure Satisfaction.

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