Good Luck Knee Knackerers!

At the Club Fat Ass Steering Committee meeting last night, we noticed that 75% of the people in attendance were either running in the Knee Knackering North Shore Trail run or volunteering for the race. 

This got us to thinking: "How may people associated with the 2011 Knee Knacker are current or former Club Fat Ass members?"  Then we thought, "Wouldn't it be cool to recognize those special people in some special way?"

Answering these questions became a mighty distraction for our meeting.  The answer was quite a shock, too. 

This year, 200 applications were selected from the Knee Knacker lottery.  As best we could tell, 89 of those who are registered for the race are, or have been, Club Fat Ass members.  To that count, we tried to identify the CFA members who were volunteering in some way to support the race.  That gave us an additional 13.  Wow!  We gave up at trying to figure out how many Knee Knackers have been run by Fat Asses and friends over the years...

So, to recognize the Fat Ass contingent, we thought that we'd have a family photo at the start and challenge current and former CFA members to wear their favorite club colours.

Given the race starts promptly at 6:00 and there will be important announcements you will want to hear, we will aim to take the photo at 5:40. 

Bring a big smile to the photo... and Run, Fat Ass, run!

Sibylle Tinsel,
Chief Executive Fat Ass


CFA Members or Alumni in 2011 Knee Knacker

Registered to race

Kyla Adams
Ron Adams
Neil Ambrose
Rick Arikado
John  Barron
Alice Beaudet
Christian Beaudrie
Mary  Beck
Christopher Benn
Dave Berg
Jeb Breckenridge
Terry Bremner
Teri Brigden
Paul Burns
Terry Bushnell
Glenn Cameron
Christine Chore
Russ Chore
Kelly Corday
Tom  Craik
David Crerar
Angela Cullen Spooner
Stewart Currie
Bill Dagg
Dan Daoust
Steve Deller
Ken Eng
Suzanne Evans
Liza Flemming
Maureen Forrestal
Rhonda Gallant
Ramo Gencay
Ellie Greenwood
Mark Grist
Gottfried Grosser
Serge Hache
Rod Hatfull
Curb Ivanic
Ean Jackson,
Penny Jakobsen
Jason Jardine
Patricia Jensen
Ran Katzman
Carolyn  King
Mike Kuiack
Hannam Laddie
Sean Lavin
Baldwin Lee
Ken Legg
Ray Levasseur
Thomas Lucas,
Susan MacRae
Jon Mahoney
Bill Maurer
Bob McCormick
Andrew McNeil
Scott Merkley
Craig Moore
Christine Moric
Desmond Mott
Jackie Muir
John Neels
Lishe O’Kiely
Stacy Otter
Glenn Pace
Stephen Parslow
Sukhi  Pawa
Graham Perkins
Lisa Polizzi
Scotty Railton
Kirsten Ramage
Susan Reynolds
Mike Rhodes
Scott  Riddell
Adrian Rothwell
Rob Ruff
Edward Sargisson
William Schuurman
Spencer Sheinin
Brooke Spence
Eric Stacey
Jim Swadling
Lara Taylor
Patrick Thrift
Elizabeth Tod
Heather Vestergaard
Philip Waters
Jurgen Watts
Monty Watts
Marla Weinheimer
Total: 89

 Volunteering at the Race

Mike Wardas,
Claudia Bullington
Pat Barry
Wendy Montgomery
Dave Montgomery
Pushpa Chandra
Paul Cubbon
Karl Jensen,
Ryan Conroy
Amber McMinn
Pamela Keck
Cam Towill
Sibylle Tinsel
Total: 13

 Note:  I am very sorry if I have missed you.  If I have, please let me know with a comment below.  Thx!



Jason Eads's picture

Best of luck, KKNSTR's!

Wish I were there to be a part of the fun & support the race, but alas, it wasn't in the cards this year for SO many reasons. In any case, I wish you all success in your own right - enjoy the BP trail my friends! Jason

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