Go Deep Results - 2008

15 November 2008 - Starter photo

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Go Home Report

Gotta love the Vancouver Fat Asses. In spite the rainy, cool weather, 27 runners showed up to run Go Deep and we enjoyed it.  Many people commented on the beautiful day and the beautiful course. 

Adrian was the fastest finishing in 2 hours with Bill, Ran, Des and James close behind.  I'm surprised that very few people got lost.  Some did go off course but made their way back  - Jonathan, Claudia, Phil, and Michelle added a kilometer or two. 

Several of us followed the time-honored Fat Ass tradition of customizing the course for a shorter run. Laddie completely customized the day by starting late.  Amazing to see Neil Ambrose there after finishing the H2H 100k just the weekend before....but the girls said he did do some whining about being tired or something. 

Eric Zeller came all the way from Germany to run and set a good pace for Ean Jackson.  Eric won a Trail Runner subscription for coming  the furthest. 

Thanks to Trail Runner, Kintec Footlabs and Kinesys who contributed such good draw prizes.  Especially thank you to Mosquito Creek Bar and Grill for the free beverage and a great lunch. Lastly, thanks to Dom Repeta for designing the course. 

Where were you, Gilles?

Photos. More photos are posted at here.  If you have photos of the day please upload them to Flickr.com, add to the Club Fat Ass group and tag with GoDeep2008 GoDeep ClubFatAssEvents and ClubFatAss.

Feedback.Please post your own impressions of the run via your CFA blog or the comment function below.

Here is some footage from our German guest.  In case your German is a bit rusty, he says in so many words that he is totally blown away by the trails, the mud, the climbs, the rocks, the huge trees, the roots...


First Name Last Name Time Distance Points
Adrian Rothwell 2:00 20k 1
Bill Dagg 2:26 20k 3*
Ran Katzman 2:26 20k 2
Desmond Mott 2:33 20k 3*
James Montgomery 2:35 20k 2
Jess Bassil 2:45 20k 2
Ean Jackson 2:52 20k 2
Eric Zeller 2:52 20k 1
Chad Hyson 3:02 20k 2
Karl Jensen 3:02 20k 2
Philip Waters 3:31 20k - detour 1
Claudia Bullington 3:37 20k - detour 2
Jonathan Weresch 3:37 20k - detour 2
Michelle  Allen 3:32 20k - detour 1
John Smalley  ? 20km 1
Carrie Walsh 3:45 20k 2
Carolyn King 3:50 20k 2
Marla Allen 3:50 20k 2
Neil Ambrose 3:50 20k 2
Arthur Gee 4:02 20k 1
Paul Young 4:10 20k 1
Sibylle Tinsel 4:10 20k 3*
Lorraine Suomi 1:40 custom 2
Laddie Hannam 2:25 custom 1
Arlene MacAulay 2:30 custom 2
Rhonda Schuller 2:36 custom 2
Cheryl Johnson 2:40 custom 3**
Doug Keir 4:46 custom  2
Gilles  Barbeau DNS   -1
* extra point for garbage, ** EH Point    



Awesome day

Thanks to all the CFA members for the event. I had a blast and it was great to meet  all that made it out on the dreary day. My lack of technological savvy has ensured my comments would not be posted until three weeks after the event! I apologize. Thanks to the sponsors for the socks (they are now well worn)! I look forward to seeing you all again in more CFA events.

Adrian R

Sibylle's picture

Lack of technical savvy -

Lack of technical savvy - maybe, but not lack of technical running skills ;-)  Congrats on a great run.  Hope to see you out at Pure Satisfaction this Sunday
Ean Jackson's picture

Even the Rain was Fun

I confess... we were a bit early and, when I didn't see anyone in the parking lot at the start, I thought it would be a good opportunity to run around the car once so I could claim 2 club participation points, then head over to Honey Donuts for a coffee and a couple cholesteral bombs.  No such luck, as car after car soon showed up. 

For mid-November, it was relatively warm and I suppose it was more of a heavy mist than a rain.  By the time we got onto the trails I had peeled layers down to my 2008 no-stink, long-sleeve CFA club colors and was plenty warm.

Beautiful how all of the creeks were gushing with runoff and there were waterfalls where I'd never seen waterfalls before.  In fact, I think this was the first time I'd ever seen Mystery Falls. 

I was very surprised how many people were out enjoying a run on the fairly remote trails today.  Back at the parking lot, it felt good to have perservered the mist at the start, because it was a truly wonderful run.

Many thanks, Cheryl!


Great video

Fun and very well done!

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