Galbraith Mountain Tour - 2008 Results

20 December 2008 - 10 Starters

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Event Report: What an amazing day to run in the snow with a great group of new and old friends. Even with the weather threatening to turn us all into popsicles seven Fat ass's braved the cold ( -11c ) to come out and enjoy an incredible run with an equally incredible view on Galbraith. Timing couldn't have been any better as I look out the window now and see cloudy sky's and another 4 inches of snow on the ground and it's still snowing.

One of my Good running friends Chuck Snyder came out to lead the faster group and help guide the Gang though the maze of snow covered trails as he has done the last 3 years. Thanks Chuck!

I enjoyed the day running with Jess and Claudia and was grateful for the lead group breaking trail in the 12 inches of snow blanketing the ground.

I can say with certainty that the fat ass gang covered the most ground on the mtn that day. Since the only other food prints were all on the lower Part of the Mtn. Thanks everyone for coming out. and to the ones who missed out please feel free to get a hold of me and we will go for a run on a better day -  though I don't think there could have been a better day of snow running. Check out Members in Action to see my photos. I know there's some more photo's out there please add them to flickr and the club fatass group or email them to me. GPS info http://connect.garmin.com/activity/1574842 Thanks Mike


First Name Last Name  Distance Time  Points
Jess Bassil  13 M  4:00  2
Claudia Bullington  13 M  4:00  2
Bill Dagg  13 M  3:26  2
Ellie Greenwood  13 M  3:26  2
John Neels  13 M  3:26  2
Mike Palichuk  13 M  3:26  2
Daniel  probst  13 M  4:00  3
susan reynolds  13 M  3:26 2
Chuck Snyder  13 M  3:26  1
Barabara  Evans  13 M   3:26  1


cbullington's picture

Thanks for such a great and adventurous run!!

Hi Daniel el all,

Thanks for this run... really! the conditions looked worse, but the trails were awesome. The views were all spectacular. I could feel the -11 C in my hands... I am sure glad this was a guided tour and I didn't have to pull/read any directions from my pocket. Better than that, I'm glad I didn't get lost. Thanks Daniel, truely worth it. I felt like I ran a marathon yesterday, well... as you said... 13 miles x twice the effort = marathon-like workout.  The food was also excellent... My Rating: BETTER THAN ADVERTISED... Exceeded Expectations!!!  Claudia

Sibylle's picture

Glad everybody had a good

Glad everybody had a good time.  I ran in my neighborhood in the afternoon and I need 15min longer on my normal 1:10h loop... The photos look marvellous. Sad, I couldn't make it, but even if I would have had all my ducks in a row, I am too slow for you guys...
jessdagg's picture

Great Run

Thanks Dan! Had an awesome time, even though I may have been a little tired near the end ;)  def felt like 20 miles. Great pics too! See you soon.

Probably was a little more then 13

And you wanted to run 20. See you at Orcas. thanks for coming down.
run100widow's picture

What a spectacular adventure!

Glad everyone was safe and had a great day. The pictures look awesome and make you want to be there. Maybe next year,

Better then expected

I was really thinking that it was going to be an awful day and was worried about people driving to and from the event. the roads weren't that bad. The sun was out all day and there was no wind. it was a great run in the end. I'm pretty sure everyone was happy with the distance being only 13 miles since it took twice the effort.

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