2008 - Year 6 - Ann's Get Your Fat Ass Off the Couch - Results

18 October 2008 - 28 Starters

Report - Well another amazing day was had by all for the anual get you fat ass off the couch run. The torrential rain from the previous day was long gone and the morning was greeted by gorgeous sunshine. The trails were amazing with all the shades of red, orange and yellow and the streaks of sunshine peeking through the trees. A fairly large group of very keen trail runners gathered. Bill Des,Pano, chris, Ran and darbyKai set off with a strong steady climb up Berkeley and quickly disappeared in the trails. It was also great to see all the new runners out for this fat ass event....hope to see you all in future fat ass events. As I ran down the powerlines and made my right hand turn part way down I was greeted by THE PUDDLE/lake! I thought it might be a good idea to change that part of the course next year but everyone voted unanimously to leave it as is for the adventure aspect!...OK....the puddle remains but Karl may modify the bushes next year. All in all it was a great day with all my favorite trail buddies. Hope to see you all next year...spread the word!!


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Preliminary Results

First Name Last Name City Event Points Time
Chris Benn Vancouver 20km - Old Chesterfield 2 1:52
Bill Dagg Vancouver 20km - Old Chesterfield 3* 1:52
Ran Katzman Vancouver 20km - Old Chesterfield 2 1:52
desmond mott north vancouver 20km - Old Chesterfield 3* 1:52
Pano Skrivanos North Vancouver 20km - Old Chesterfield 1 1:52
DarbyKai Standrick Mission 20km - Old Chesterfield 1 1:52
Ann Taylor North Vancouver 20km - Old Chesterfield 3** 2:02
Greg  Barreca North Vancouver 20km - Old Chesterfield 1 2:08***
Andrew Laing Burnaby 20km - Old Chesterfield 1 2:18
Amy MacArthur Burnaby 20km - Old Chesterfield 1 2:18
Courtney Briggs Delta 20km - Old Chesterfield 2 2:22
Jess Bassil Vancouver 20km - Old Chesterfield 3* 2:38
Kim Taylor West Vancouver 20km - Old Chesterfield 2 2:38
Sukhi Pawa Vancouver 10km - Cushy Couch 2 0:57
Naomi Dunaway Vancouver 10km - Cushy Couch 1 1:02
Karl Jensen North Vancouver 10km - Cushy Couch 2 1:02
Arthur Gee Vancouver 10km - Cushy Couch 1 1:20
Raelene Thomas Port Moody 10km - Cushy Couch 2 1:20
Gord Thompson Coquitlam 10km - Cushy Couch 2 1:20
gottfried grosser n vancouver Custom - 19km 1 2:09
Penny Jakobsen North Vancouver Custom - 17km 1 2:07
Pamela Keck Vancouver Custom - 15km  1 1:35
Jessie Marches Marches Vancouver Custom - 15km  1 1:35
Ean Jackson North Vancouver Custom - 15km  2 1:52
Quin Halpin Tulsa Custom - 15km  2 2:00
Kelly Jamieson Richmond Custom - 15km 1 2:00
Sibylle  Tinsel North Vancouver Custom - 15km 3* 1:45
Alex Cameron seattle 0 -1 DNS
Dom Repta  Vancouver 0 -1 DNS
michael spagnut vancouver 0 -1 DNS
Dave Berg Burnaby 0 -1 ?

*     bonus point for garbage collection
**   Event Host point
*** started a day late ;-)


Ean/Ian? Is my hero!

Thanks to everyone who was so welcoming on Saturday.  My sister and I felt extremely welcomed, even if it was obvious that we had no idea what we were doing.  I will remember that run for a long time and it was definitely one of the highlights of my trip to Vancouver.  A special shout out to Ean (Ian?) - thanks for all your help - if it weren't for you, we would still be on the mountain!! 
Ean Jackson's picture

Aw Shucks

It was a pleasure running with you, too (two)!  For a while there I thought the bears got you. Glad to hear it was only a misplaced camera.

Did you see the photos I took?  (Check link on results.)  If you have a Flickr account, you can share yours, too.

It worked out well for me.  I caught the lead pack (OK, they ran 4K more than me) and we all ran in together.

Glad to hear you had a good time.  When will we see a Club Fat Ass run in Tulsa?  Laughing


Sibylle's picture

Mystery Runners

This just in:

Hello, I showed up on Sunday and found out the race was Saturday. Good
thing I signed up for a year membership. I found 4 guys and 1 lady who were
running the big Chesterfield on Sunday and they didn't know the course.It
all worked out and we did it in 2 hours and 8 minutes. Not that it counts
for anything.

Greg Barreca
pjakobsen's picture

30m? 200m?

I don't THINK so.... ok, so put down CUSTOM for me Ann, as there were a few sections where I missed the smarties trail. Right about now, I can hear you and Gottfried with your supportive and encouraging comments (Waa, Waa). My time was 2:07, but I did not do 20, so put me down for 17. Where's Ean, when you need him to help calculate your "actual" distance. Hang on, I did run up the little trail from the Ron Andrews parking lot to the Chevron - put me down for 18. he he he
Ean Jackson's picture

Bite me

Ha ha ha.  I was helping damsels in distress.

I think the "official" distance is calculated from the stop sign behind the Chevron, isn't it?  If I was a betting man, I'd bet one could shave 20% off the total mileage in your training log and there'd probably still be some margin for error. 

'Miss 'ya!  Looking forward to you kicking my butt on the trails some day soon...

Sibylle's picture

Thanks for the run today,

Thanks for the run today, Ann. 

I am always amazed how the skies clear up for Get Your Fat Ass Off The Couch.  Year one saw a gigantic Pineapple Express move through the area, leaving huge puddles, mud and washed out bridges, yet the second we started running the rains stopped.  The pattern continued in the following years, so I wasn't surprised that the weather forecast promised and delivered dry conditions for Saturday morning.

Because of some last minute family matters I was unable to make the start in time, but Ann had everything under control and a good size crowd set out to Get Their Fat Ass Off the Couch.  A handful of CFA virgins had taken us up on the offer for a free trial Single Day Membership and trusted Action Jackson to guide their way.  Judging by the photos they had fun ;-) especially with THE PUDDLE in "the tunnel".  Karl was overheard at the post event party in Mosquito Creek Pub to cut away the brambles in said tunnel for next year and somebody volunteered to engineer dry passage through the puddle.

By the time I set out on the trails, the Cushy Couch runners were on their way down Berkeley and the faster of the Old Chesterfield participants were just hurtling down Bridle Path.  I decided to run the course backwards to be able to greet everybody. 

The course for this event is one of my favorites for the relatively easy trails and the fall atmosphere. There aren't many technical bits, but I did realize why the course follows Homestead and Bottleneck down instead of up.  We west coast citizens don't get blazing fall colours like the east, but during Ann's run, I am always amazed at the blazing, yellow and orange Maple leafs smattered between those ancient Douglas Firs.

A good day all around - and most present at the pub even won a prize thanks to Trail Runner Magazine, Kintec Footlabs and Kinesys.  The free pint courtesy of Mosquito Creek Bar and Grill  was also very appreciated.  Happy Trails - Sibylle

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