5 Peaks Golden Ears Park Orientation Run - report and results

Report:  16 people joined the event host Pamela Keck for the 5 Peaks orientation run at Golden Ears. 2 groups (Enduro course and Sport course) set out to face the "maze" through the Spirea Nature Trail system at the beginning and end of both routes. The chaos and quizzical looks of all runners (including the group leaders) during this annual orientation run seem to become a tradition. However, I am glad to report that only one person got "lost" for a bit and was found again passing us on the trail running the opposite direction. She happily rejoined the group at that point. And yes, the trails will all be marked on race day :)



5 Peaks Golden Ears Orientation Run - April 15, 2012  
First Name Last Name Event Time
Susanne  Schroter Sport - 8.8km 1:15
Allison Caldwell Sport - 8.8km 1:15
Rhys Dulmage Sport - 8.8km 1:10
Sherri Frohlick Sport - 8.8km ?
Marcel Schaubs Sport - 8.8km ?
Kirsten Fanning Sport - 8.8km 1:15
Matt Wilkie Sport - 8.8km 1:10
Reuben Meikle Sport - 8.8km 1:10
Pamela Keck Sport - 8.8km 1:10
Kathryn Stanton Sport - 8.8km ?
Geordy Macleod Enduro - 14km 1:33
Mark Magnusson Enduro - 14km 1:53
Ben Scott Enduro - 14km 1:45
Cory Ratke Enduro - 14km 1:53
Tony Brown Enduro - 14km 1:33
Warren  Nipp Enduro - 14km 1:45
Jessica  Glowacki Enduro - 14km 1:53



planetmarshall's picture

In need of lift

Looked like fun, sorry I missed it but was doing the Sun Run ( which was actually quite hilly for a road race ).

I'm signed up for the Golden Ears race this weekend but have so far been unable to find transportation. I'm only visiting Vancouver from Scotland for a few months and it would be a shame to miss it - something to brag about to my fell running friends back home.

If there's anyone who could offer a lift from, and back to, Vancouver it would be much appreciated.



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