2012 Seawall 100

Starter Photo - 27 October 2012

Event Report:  Coming soon after the runners finish.

Please post your comments, impressions, corrections to the results and feedback anytime via the comment link below.  

Photos can be added to the CFA Flickr group, tagged with  Seawall1002012 Seawall100 ClubFatAssEvents2012 ClubFatAssEvents. They will automatically show in the slideshow linked below:


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Name Distance         Time            Points
Scott Donatelli 100 M           20:52***      2
Karl Jensen 50 M           10:01           2+2**
Adam Haesler 49 K           8:48           2
Sibylle  Custom           1:09           2

* Bonus points - picked up garbage 
** Event Host Points

*** New course record

Please advise if you picked up trash, helped an old lady cross the street or other point worthy deeds. If I have missed someone, please advise as well. 

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bhermanutz's picture

Nice work!

Nice work all on a rainy day / night during a tsunami! FYI, No biggie but I posted a couple starting pics (a group shot and one of Adam) to Flikr with the tag seawall1002012 but they aren't showing up in the slideshow...

Sibylle's picture

Hi Bob,  Nice photo.  Yes, it

Hi Bob,  Nice photo.  Yes, it isn't showing, you need to add it to the CFA Flickr group (otherwise anybody could tag photos with our event names and show on our site).  You need to join our Flickr group and I'll approve you, then you can add to the group.  The group url is http://www.flickr.com/groups/clubfatass/

Sibylle's picture

Just talked to Adam.  He

Just talked to Adam.  He missed the start by a few minutes and ran behind us.  I must have seen him on my return trip...  Adam had IT band issues and called it a day after 49km and 8h 48min.

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