2011 - Lord of the Loop(s) - Run Report

After last year's construction & the replacement of the historic Capilano River pipe bridge, the Lord of the Loops finally made it's return!

Although the weather wasn't as stellar as it was in 2009, the cooler temperatures were perfect for trail running in the North Shore rainforest. This year's event saw a smaller crowd than the inaugural year. Perhaps due to the weather, but more than likely due to the high level of commitments & activities that fall at this time of year...Race Director Max is talking about a late summer/autumn edition to accomodate all those that were unavailable but eager to participate.

For the 15 people that participated, there were handouts all-around, including some goody bags, gummy worms, & raspberries courtesy of Julia Lawn, & Fruit Loops (get it?) & donuts courtesy of Ken & Becky Legg.

The Crerar/Lawn Clan were well represented & showed real family spirit by completing their first loop within seconds of each other. Isla, Pippa, & Harry made sure that mom Julia was able to keep up  & navigate the course without issue. Dad Dave is tapering for Western States next week, so he made sure not to over-do it.

Harry Crera set the record for most loops this year by completing 5. He showed great restraint in the earliest lap (which perhaps allowed him to go the extra km's), & used the extra stamina to post this year's fastest time of 7:27.

Although injured, & therefore unable to run, Race Director Max managed to contain himself & walked two laps....one of which was a respectable 11:10.

Ken & Becky showed up a bit later & posted the 2nd fastest Loop of the day together at 8:20. Perhaps it was due to the Fruit Loops, but Becky is looking  like a future favourite for the Ironman as she arrived at the event fresh out of the water, having just finished her morning swim. One had to wonder if she managed to take her bike around her block a few times after the race was over.

One record was shattered this year. Our youngest participant managed a (slightly aided...but fair) circuit of the Coho Loop with new mom & dad, Killain & Guy. Casey Trotter obliterated the age record!! At the tender age of 33 DAYS (!!!), Casey entered his first event ever & it looks like mom & dad will have to build an addition to hold all of the future medals, shirts, & trophies that are sure to fill his room. Congratulations to Guy & Killain, & welcome little Casey!!

Each participant was awarded for their efforts with their choice of a jalapeno or cactus bandana, & a Canada bracelet courtesy of the Race Director

Thanks to all those kids & parents who participated....Keep your eyes on the Fat Ass calendar for the late summer/fall edition.


Partial Reults:

Harry C.: 20:00/9:25/7:27/10:00/13:40

Pippa C.: 22:37

Isla C.: 22:47

Julia L.: 22:47/14:37

David C.: 9:25/10:00/?

Casey T.:23:26

Killain S.: 23:26

Guy T.: 23:26

Becky L.: 8:20

Ken L.: 8:20

Glenn P.: 11:10