2009 - Year 16 - Vancouver New Year's Day Fat Ass 50 Run and Freeze Your Fat Ass Swim - Results

78 total starters - 37 ran 50K

We live in interesting times.  What an interesting day it was for our little Club resolution run.  We were served-up a smorgasbord of winter conditions:  snow, sleet, rain, wind, ice, slush, mud, puddles, all with a little blowdown thrown in for good measure.  Given that the snow was deeper than at any time during the run's history, let's call the 2009 run "The Year of the Big Snow."

Snowed-in driveways, icy roads and hangovers aside, a near record number of fat asses made it to the start.  We had representatives from as far away as Toronto, Prince George and Vernon including an enthusiastic mob of 18 from snowed-in suburban Coquitlam.  Despite the frozen pens and wet sign-in sheets, we managed to start skating down the trails of Stanley Park promptly at 9.  (Hey Vernon, where were 'ya?)

The running may have been less sure-footed than normal as we traversed Stanley Park, but the snow and ice gave the park a surreal beauty.  Funny, too, how something so familiar looks so different when blanketed in snow.  Ask Baldwin, Chad and Ellie how they earned a few bonus k's by missing the turn to Second Beach! 

I've been injured on and off so long, I'm becoming quite creative at finding the positive in not being able to hang with the big dogs in our Club runs.  First, I get to set records for the shortest "custom" distance run in my own event.  Second, I get to see a wider cross section of friends and their families and offer them encouragement in my event.  Third, I get to take a lot of pictures and try my hand at making a movie... so be sure to check the links below (as soon as they are available) to see if I managed to capture you in a moment of glory.

After checking in with runners along the way, I stopped at the Kintec aid station at Spanish Banks.  Eight runners had managed to beat me there... very impressive given the conditions.  Kristin and Graham were trying to stay warm against the icy wind off the ocean by pampering passing runners with goodies and encouragement.  Who was the gentleman who brought the muffins and big coffee container full of hot soup?

The turnaround at Camosun and SW Marine was busy with family and friends out to cheer their runners on.  While shuffling from one foot to the other to stay warm, I was entertained by trying to guess which of Bradley's 3 kids would be first to fall into the icy mud puddle.  Then came the Coquitlam Crew.  It was an instant party!

Fishtailing down an icy Point Grey Road, heater on high with a car full of soaked runners, we shouted encouragement to the 50K runners who still had a good 20K ahead of them.  Although we were back to the start by shortly after 1:00, Ryne Melcher had beat us and was already cracking his first celebratory ale after completing his 127th ultramarathon. 

In between triumphant runners who stopped briefly to kiss the fire hydrant before heading off to the beach for a brisk dip, 4 of Vancouver's finest stopped by followed by a paddy wagon.  Oh, oh... did one of our number rob a bank while out on the course?  Was it the howling of the security alarm at the showers?  (Honest, ossifer, I have a key!)  No, "Just on our break," quoth the gendarme who, after we got to chatting, implied that he'd be signing up for our little New Years day run/swim challenge in 2010.

Speaking of the showers, how much hot water was there when you got there?  Claiming to have set the record at 45 minutes last year, Gary Robbins took another run at improving his "longest under the shower" record in 2009.  Not sure if he set a new record, but there was apparently quite a number of contestants in the mens' facilities this year.   What goes on the trails, stays on the trails...

As always, the Mosquito Creek Grill hosted our motley post-event party in fine style by offering all finishers and crew a cool, craft ale and some warm "real" food.  With thanks to Norco and Kintec, everyone who showed up also received a prize for their particular accomplishment.  

On behalf of the Club, Sibylle also announced the 2008 Club recognition awards.  Congrats to:

  • Baldwin Lee, who won a pair of shoes from Kintec for achieving 91% of his 2008 New Years Resolutions
  • Desmond Mott, who won a pair of shoes from Kintec for getting the highest score in the 2008 Club Points contest (he participated in and astounding 16 CFA events in 2008 and got bonus points for picking up trash at most of them.)
  • Lucina Iglesias, who won a refund of her 2009 Club membership dues for obtaining the greatest number of votes for her photo in the travelling t-shirt contest and
  • Dom Repta who won a jam tart for signing up, but not showing up, to the most Club events in 2008.

Whatever the distance you ran today, my sincerest congrats to you... and I hope that you achieve all of your New Years resolutions!

Ean Jackson
Your Club Fat Ass Event Host

Photos can be posted to Flickr, added to the CFA Flickr group and tagged with VancouverNewYearsDayFatAss50 VancouverNewYearsDayFatAss502008 VancouverNewYearsDayFatAss ClubFatAssEvents

Photos posted so far are displayed in a slide-show here.


Post Event Survey. Please give us your feedback via this brief survey:


*      bonus point (garbage point/good sportsmanship)
**     Event Host Point
***   Membership status needs to be updated at www.clubfatass.com/join
**** crew point


First Name Last Name Event Points Time
Ryne Melcher 50km 2 4:12
David Papineau 50km 2 4:17
Gary Robbins 50km 2 4:27
Ellie Greenwood 50km + 2 4:42
Tim Wiens 50km 2 4:46
Mike Palichuk 50km 2 4:49
Ran Katzman 50km 2 5:13
Bob Hermanutz 50km 2 5:38
Jackie Muir 50km 2 5:42
scott donatelli 50km 2 6:02
glenn pace 50km 2 6:03
Matt Sessions 50km 2 6:03
ken legg 50km 2 6:10
David Crerar 50km 2 6:15
steven lee 50km 2 6:15
Lara Seguin 50km 2 6:17
warren laird 50km 2 6:17
Gilles Barbeau 50km 2 6:33
Kirsten Ramage 50km 2 6:33
Sarah Konefal 50km 2 6:34
Claudia Bullington 50km 2 6:35
Mark MacRae 50km 2 6:37
Angela Spooner 50km 2 6:37
Rhonda Gallant 50km 2 6:37
David Kam 50km 2 6:37
Peter Stace-Smith 50km 2 6:37
Debbie Suzuki 50km 2 6:37
Phil Kong 50km 2 6:37
Lorie Alexander 50km 1 6:57
Barry Hopkins 50km 1 6:57
Sharon Skitch 50km 2  7:15
Hardial  Athwal 50km 2 7:15
Keith Nichol 50km 3* 7:15
Michael Grosso  50km 2 ?
Gottfried Grosser 25km 1 2:40
Benni The Ultradog 25km    2:40
Bradley Jones 25km 2 3:01
Tim Hill 25km 2 3:11
Rick Arikado 25km 3* 3:15
Dan Daoust 25km 2 3:25
Donna Smood 25km 1 3:25
Susan MacRae 25km 2 3:25
Ron Adams 25km 2 3:32
Deirdre Arscott 25km  2 5:22
Susan Barr 25km 2 5:22
Edward Mills 25km 2 ?
Chad Hyson custom - 46km 2 6:10
John Neels custom - 40km 2 4:26
Simon Driver custom - 40km 1 ?
monica foell custom - 43km 2 6:30
Ryan Conroy Custom - 36km 2 3:40
Pete van Gaalen custom - 36km 2 4:05
Rob Ruff custom - 35km 2 3:50
Philip Waters custom - 35km 2 4:50
susan reynolds custom - 30km 2 2:55
Baldwin Lee Custom - 30km 2 3:44
Terry Bushnell custom - 30km 1*** ?
Sukhi Pawa custom - 22km 1 2:22
Eric  Stacey custom - 23.8km 1 3:13
Celina Coombs custom - 23.8km 1 3:3
Carie Moran custom - 20km 3* 2:10
Sarah Weinkam custom - 20km 2 2:10
Lori Clerkson custom - 20km 2 2:10
Steven Lowe custom -20km 3* 2:10
Penny Jakobsen custom - 18km 2 1:54
Lara Taylor custom - 18km 2 2:30
Sibylle Tinsel custom - 18km 3* 2:30
Janice Vallis custom - 18km 3* 2:30
desmond mott custom - 17km 3* 1:45
Craig Moore custom 3* 2:30
Graham Archer custom - 4km/crew 2**** 0:30
Ean Jackson custom - 4km 4*   ** 0:30
Kristin   crew 1**** 0:30
Chris Benn Custom 2 ?
Maureen  Forrestal custom 2 ?
Mark Gilbert custom 1 ?
Reg Hornsby custom 2 ?
John  Machray custom 2 ?
Dave Berg DNS 0 ?
Sian Echard DNS 0 ?
Sean Lavin DNS 0 ?
Don Phillips DNS 0 ?
Perneet Sekhon DNS 0*** ?
Shannon Shum DNS 0 ?
Donald Smith DNS 0 ?
Marguerite  Stolar DNS 0 ?
Katherine Thomas DNS 0 ?
Michele Mitchell DNS 0 ?
carol mulder DNS 0 ?
Laddie Hannam DNS 0 ?















































mudrunner's picture

A huge thanks!

...to those who didn't run:

To Graham & Kristin from Kintec, as well as "the Soup Guy" at Spanish Banks. Y'all were set up in the coldest spot on the entire run with an oasis for sore runners. That was amazing! Soup has always been my favourite & it was so welcome on that day in particular.

To "the Fruit People" at SW Marine. I got there just after you'd left, but I was very grateful for the grapes & orange slices that you left at the turnaround. I was about 1 hour slower to that point this year, & the treats were very welcome.

To Mrs Mud & the Mud-pies for driving me to the start (so that I wouldn't have a car to go back to if I decided to jam out earlier than planned), meeting me at Spanish Banks (it was either to make sure I was OK, calculate my finish time, or to show the kids what happens if they don't stay in school), & at the finish ('cause if I didn't make it home, there would be no one to walk the dog or take the kids skiing the next day).


To those who did run:

Dave....always for the entertaining conversation....& quiet when it's needed.

Rick...for keeping us honest (based on another year's course!), & giving a handful of us some extra distance.

Ryan C....for blasting past us in style (the only runner I know who sports aviator glasses on a cloudy day).

Matt....for keeping me compnay for the last 50 feet because he got so lost.

All those in front who inspire what good training, hard work, & determination can get you.

All those behind who inspire what good training, hard work,a hangover, & determination can get you.

All those who toughed it out for 1 or 50+ km in the most unusual Fat Ass I have ever done.


A most special thanks to our hosts....Sibylle & Ean for everything they did for the day of the run & for kicking off my year (once again) with a highlight.


Why DO we do this??

Hey Fellow Fat Assers... for all of you that ran yesterday WAY TO GO.

The conditions were definately tough. We knew that all day, but it was confirmed when we finished at the fire hydrant more than an hour longer than last year - despite being quicker at all stops and the turn around.

Ean, you sure know how to pick the days. :) Actually, it could have been way worse. I consider ourselves very lucky as we ran pretty much rain free - except for the first 1/2 hour or so. In fact, later on that day it got downright beautiful out! Probably well after the fast guy and girls were already inside a pub somewhere we were heading around Coal Harbor, past the 9 o'clock gun and the lighthouse and the sun was out, fresh snow on the mountains all bright and beautiful. If I wasn't running on an empty fuel tank suffering in the last few Kms (again) I would have enjoyed it EVEN MORE.

A big shout out to the Coquitlam "Weather Fukarewe Tribe" for yet another great run... extra props goes out to Debbie, Dave and Phil who ran their first CFA event and the full 50 with us! And big thanks out to my wife Diane and our friend Beth who cruised around all day with a van full of goodies, fluid and even some dry clothes to keep us all happy.

So, why DO we do this?? I'd say these were my highlights:

- Meeting a bunch of other "crazy people" for a run Jan 1st
- Running a big run like this as a group (hard to do)
- The huge eagle with his fish we saw at Planetarium
- The lack of traffic on Point Grey Road (we used the road)
- Hearing Ean was going for a swim at Spanish Banks. Yeah!
- All the great treats on route
- Enjoying the weather (it wasn't raining!)
- Giving props to all the fast runners cruising by us on their way back
- while we were still heading out. Man you guys are impressive!!
- Chatting with fellow CFA'er about her 09 goals (50 50's)
- Fresh dry clothes and socks at the turn around.. Mmmm :)
- Not blowing up before the Burrard Bridge
- Not battling crowds along 2nd beach (we were later)
- Fellow tribe runner Angela hanging back with me the last 3-4 kms... (she could have cruised on) thanks!
- Then having all the rest of the tribe wait for me at the stairs so we could all finish together.... wow thanks guys!
- Finishing another full 50!
- Yeah, the hot showers have to go in there too

Thanks again Ean for keeping a great event going... 14 of us made the trek in from Coquitlam with everyone running 20 km or more... 3 ran planned 25's and 7 full 50's (3 of these never having run an Ultra before!). Only one DNF on his planned 50 after twisting his ankle for the 40th time or so that day, pulled the pin at 36 km (and vows to go run 50 in the next few weeks...) Seeya out on the trails,

Pete SS (Weather Fukarwe Tribe and CFA'sser)

:) Ps Here is a challenge Ean.... The way I figure it, if I can get 14 or more stoked runners from Coquitlam to come run your event, consider this the "gauntlet thrown down" for you to bring 14 or more of your North Van or Vancouver running buddies out to my event "Run to the Clouds" in late March. For anyone reading this, it is at Buntzen Lake area of Tri-Cities... less than 1/2 hour east of North Van or Downtown Vancouver. Beautiful trails and cool area. C-ya there!!

Ean Jackson's picture

Run for the Clouds - The Glove Has Been Dropped

Hey Pete,

Now there's a challenge where *everyone* wins!  Vancouver and North Shore runners, check out:  RunToTheClouds

Your run is guaranteed to have less snow than the NY Day run.  I signed up just now, so the race is on...


Chad Hyson's picture

Thank you!

Thank you to Ean and all the volunteers who came out to support the runners, despite the weather it was a great way to start a new year. 

The funny thing about John, Baldwin and I missing the turn to Second Beach was that Ean was out on the course cheering us on just a few feet from where we missed the turn but neglected to mention our error.  Or maybe he did and we just tuned him out either way it was a nice little section of trail.

I still haven't dug my van out so I decided to start my run at my place in Point Grey just after 7:00 and ran to the start and then finished in Point Grey.  I planned on doing the entire course plus the short distance from my place to the beach but ended up pulling the plug a little early.  After sliding around in the snow for 6 hours my IT Bands were screaming, in the end I did 46 km plus our detour at Second Beach in 6 hours and 10 minutes.


Ean Jackson's picture

Counts as a Ultra!

Hey Chad,

I'll take the heat for not correcting your trajectory... too busy taking photos of snow-covered trees and rain-soaked runners.  By my reconning, any run over 42.2K counts as an ultra, so you can put another notch in that very notched belt of yours. Congrats!

cbullington's picture

To the guys/girls in the Silver Van, Kintec crew all crew/volunt

THANK YOU... I ran into the silver van in many stages of my run and it was awesome having you there with a warm smile plus goodies, chips, bagels and all the good stuff!!! Running a 50 km in that terrain was not easy, but sure crew and volunteers is what made the difference. I hope 2009 brings you lots of good things same as all the ones you brought to us yesterday. Cheers, Claudia

Lost? Not that lost!

Ok, I made a couple of wrong turns, but not 5kms worth! That said maybe I should keep quiet and claim a decent pace per mile if I add the extra 5kms! Great fun event as ever, though man was that slush tough! Thanks for hosting Ean
Ean Jackson's picture

How far lost?

OK, OK... I though you told me 5K lost... that would have made your finish time all that much more impressive.  I forgot to ask at the finisher get-together who went the farthest off-track.
Monty Watts's picture

Glad Trash Bag

I saw Mr. Machray's special outfit while looking through the photos. Classy.
run100widow's picture

Crewing from Cairo, Egypt

Well, it was a difficult course for everyone, but a few crew members found it particularly hard. My sister and her kids are visiting from Cairo and thought it was a little cold, but nothing a few hot chocolates could not cure. The kids had a great time playing in the snow at every stop we made. Gilles never had so much support for the New Year's Fat Ass. Lucas who is 5 years old even got to run a little bit with Gilles, the highlight of his day.

All the photos have been uploaded, tagged and put in the group. Enjoy.

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