2008 - Pure Satisfaction Results - Year 6

Starter Photo - 14 December 2008

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Pure Satisfaction 2008 - Saturday StartEvent Report: Thanks to everyone that came out on a chilly day for the run. We had a record 64 people sign up and about 34 people showed up for the official start on Sunday morning in Deep Cove. All the others either ran on Saturday or earlier Sunday morning from Lynn Canyon and we had 2 people running up in Vernon. Of course, there were the expected no-shows but for today it was understandable as many of them were Snow-ins. There was a light dusting of snow on the trail but I know there were several areas around the Lower Mainland that got a whole bunch more snow.

It was quite chilly at the start but with our 9:04 am beginning time the sky was bright and everyone was ready and anxious to go. We had a few first timers and, as always, a small number that weren't familiar with the good ol' Baden Powell Trail. I asked the newbies to stick with someone experienced and not just bunch up so they could get lost together, if you know what I mean.

Unfortunately we missed the double loopers that started in Lynn Canyon earlier. I thought we would see them at Deep Cove for our start time. I hope they were all okay and I'm sure they were. No shortage of experience in that group. And I received some words from Karl about trees being down on the trail:

Pure Satisfaction 2008"The trees came down across the BP trail a few hundred metres up from where the "new" bridge crosses Canyon Creek above Riverside.  It's on the section where new gravel has been laid down recently.  Those trees were standing when Gilles and I were heading out on our first loop.  They were down when we came back.  It looks like a very large tree snapped and took out a couple of others on its way down.  Glad we weren't in the area at the time."

I must say, with this being the sixth running of Pure Satisfaction, I am so happy that lots and lots of you feel fit enough in December to join us. And for those of you that think you have to be able to run forever just to be part of a Club Fat Ass event, forget that. Walkers and hikers are welcome as well. In fact, I spent the morning walking with Ethelyn on the Trail in the Deep Cove area and we had a great time.

By the way, you'll see that some distances are set at 25km. This is because we're updating the official length of the course now that all the GPS'rs are reporting in and some convincing has been done for the event host. So if you included the section between the Deep Cove parking lot and the trailhead in your run then you can call it 25km from now on.

I'm sure you all had fun, thanks for participating. I hope to see you at my other CFA event in June, the Vancouver 100.


p.s.   I got an e-mail from our Vernon friends, Lorie and Barry, with a nice little report:

"Well we froze are fatasses off. It never warmed up at all and the wind picked up. We ran in the park [Kal Park] for 20k in knee deep snow for 3:20. It was beautiful but that was only 20k so we hit the back roads around the park with our yak tracks on and did 30K more in 3:30. Frozen and very tired we hit the hot tub to melt. We did have a blast even the insides of our gators froze. Glad to hear you guys had an easy run. Man I used muscles I forgot I had today. Put us in for 50k in 6:50. sad!!!
Back to the hot tub.
ps We did eat candied smoked salmon each loop. Yum! Yum!"

First Name Last Name Event Split Time Points
Barry Hopkins (Vernon) 50km    6:50 2
Lorie Alexander (Vernon) 50km   6:50 2
Gilles Barbeau 51km*   9:57 2
Karl Jensen 51km*   9:57 2
Chad Hyson (UBC run) ?     2
Mark Lesack ?     *
David Crerar ?     *
Tim Wiens 25km*   2:59 2
Chris Benn 25km*   3:01 2
Ran Katzman 25km   3:09 2
Colin Freeland 25km   3:15 2
Bill Codville 25km 1:39 3:19 2
Chessa Adsit-Morris 25km 1:39 3:19 2
Ellie Greenwood 25km 1:39 3:19 2
John Neels 25km 1:39  3:19 2
Susan Reynolds 25km 1:39 3:19 2
Daryl Spencer 25km   3:20 2
Desmond Mott 25km*   3:29 3**
Sukhi Pawa 25km 1:41 3:30 2
James Montgomery 25km   3:35 2
Ean Jackson 25km   3:46 2+1****
Lindy Yeates 25km*   3:48 2
Teri Brigden 25km*   3:48 2
Catherine Jensen 25km*   3:48 2
Philip Waters 25km   3:55 2
Rob Ruff 25km 1:56 4:00 2
Jess Bassil 25km*   4:04 3**
Bill Dagg 25km*   4:04 3**
Amy MacArthur 25km   4:07 1
Andrew Laing  25km   4:07 1
Don Phillips 25km   4:12 1
Laddie Hannam 25km   4:12 2**
Ray Levasseur 25km   4:14 2
Monty Watts 25km 1:56 4:30 2
Andrew Crompton 25km 2:12 4:30 2
Arthur Gee 25km   5:27 2**
Sibylle Tinsel 25km 2:50 5:40 3**
Adrian Rothwell 25km     1
Amber Thom 25km     2
Christine Rybak 25km     2
Jackie Muir 25km     1
Michelle Allen 24km     *
Mike Palichuk 25km     2
Sylvie Jorger 24km     *
Helen Tilley 12km   2:08 2
Jessie Marches 12km   2:08 1
Pamela Keck 12km   2:08 2
Jonathoan Weresch 12km   2:33 1
Ondria Needham custom     2
Cheryl Johnson custom     2
Arlene MacAulay custom     2
Baldwin Lee 10km   2:00 1
Craig Moore 4km   2:30 3***
Ethelyn David (crew) 4km     1
Carrie Walsh     Snow-in 0
Claudia Bullington     Snow-in 0
Kristin Ohm-Pedersen     Snow-in 0
Marla Weinheimer/Allen     Snow-in 0
Penny Jakobsen     Snow-in 0
Rhonda Schuller     Snow-in 0
Ryne Melcher     Snow-in 0
Jeremy Hill 24km   DNS -1
John Machray 24km   DNS -1
Kathy Nomura 24km   DNS  -1
Keith Nichol 24km   DNS  -1
Meredith Cale 24km   DNS  -1
Ryan Conroy 24km   DNS  -1

Saturday or early Sunday start; please submit your times to get points.

 ** Picked up Garbage
 *** Event Host
 **** For rescuing Andrea and picking up stuff off the trail


































































Sibylle's picture

Event Video

Finally got around to post a video of the event:
Craig Moore's picture

ah the memories ...

good one Sibylle, thanks for posting the video. I can't wait until the next one!
Ean Jackson's picture

Found and Lost?

I was just cleaning up some stuff from Sunday when out tumbled a gel flask.  I found it on the trail near the big blowdown.  Clear plastic, yellow top, probably some dried goober on the nipple but I dare not check it out too closely.

If yours, let me know.

PS  Hey Craig... try and I might, I couldn't find any trash to pick up (apart from Colin... and he dropped me on the trail).  Do I get an extra point for picking up something that might be useful?

Craig Moore's picture


I'll give you one extra point at least because you so kindly saved Ondria snd also because you diligently picked up a gel flask. So yes, you definitely get the point for picking up some(one) useful and I'm sure that Ondria appreciated the help. You da man!
Sequoia911's picture


Excellent Run! The trails were frosty and fun yet a chalenge to the legs and lungs. Thanks for organizing a great outing!

 Never looked at my time but I came in just after Colin I think, who was 3:15'ish.

 Good run to all those doing Galbraith next weekend.



colinfreeland's picture

Great Run

 I was about 3:15.

Thanks Colin

Sibylle's picture

Thanks, Craig!

Arthur and I had a great run...couldn't have done this without company.  Arthur and I took lots of photos and some videos (give me a few days to edit the footage.  Arthur suggested that faster runners should be in charge of the photos ;-) as they can do with a bit of slow down.  He also suggested to give out points for photographers at events...hm, managing that doesn't sound too appealing ;-)

Conditions were challenging (once again), the Seymour Grind was especially slippery.  Board walks were runnable for a change, though.  We saw Karl and Gilles at the turnaround and learnt about the timing of those 4 huge trees...Hopefully, nobody was in harms way.  Atone point after that I heard a loud pop and crack and was terrified, not knowing what would hit me...never saw a branch falling, must have gotten stuck on the way down

Once Arthur started hurtling down towards Old Buck I couldn't hang on, but had Karl and Gilles' entertaining company until past the Seymour Mtn Road crossing.  Hobbled through the canyons at the end feeling lightheaded...Didn't eat or drink enough (Thanks, Karl for the fill-up) and paid for it at the end. 

Just a rolled ankle

Seems it was my turn. But it happened close to Deep Cove and so did not spoil the wonderful run. It was a great day. Thanks to Ean and so many of you who offered help as I walked out. You are wonderful amazing people!

pure satisfaction

Hey there Craig, Thanks also for a great run and putting this on today on such a cold, yet beautiful North Vancouver day! I recall the first Pure Satisfaction run from quite a few years ago, where we started in the dark and the pouring, pouring rain at 7:30 or 8:00 in the morning.. What a change to today.. I had Don Phillips with me who is a awesome athlete with some great climbing stories and a beautiful, smooth running gait as well. We saw the tree and were amazed at the clean break and the trail obstacle as well. It is amazing this tree fell between the fools loops! Our time was 4:12 through all the chatting. We even managed to pick up a one piece of trash between us! Thanks again Craig - really glad to have seen all the smiling faces and incredibly strong and inspirational runners as well. see you soon - Happy Holidays! Laddie
Ean Jackson's picture

Fantastic run, Craig ... Thank You!

I thought I was going to freeze my cahones off when that fresh breeze blew in off the ocean while you were taking the starter photo.  I regained feeling in my digits and peeled off a layer by the time I reached the first little bridge on the Baden Powell Trail, though.

Magical day in the woods.  Given the amount of snow in front of my house this morning, I was actually surprised at how *little* snow there was on the trails.  Much trail talk about how today was a joke for anyone from "back east."

It was very inspiring to see Gilles and Karl out there doing the route twice.  Funny story I heard from them when we crossed paths:  the four huge fir trees that were down on the trail just down from Hyannis Drive fell between their first and second lap.  Glad nobody got wacked!

Didn't find any trash to pick up (well, except for Monty, but he was already taken), but did managed to save one damsel in distress (Ondria) who had some hip problems.  Is Cheryl OK?  She turned her ankle and was walking very stiffly when I saw her about 1.5K from the finish.  

Finished in 3:46 and tried my first maple-glazed cholesterol bomb with a mob of happy finishers at Honey's Donuts.

Thx for a great run, Craig.  Merry Christmas!


Monty Watts's picture

Trash Man

Danke Ean. I didn't find any trash but I sure felt like trash at Hyannis Dr. on the way back. I hadn't consumed enough water and food to that point. So I needed to stop about half way up the Seymour Grind for a bottle of water 4 thermolytes and 2 gels to stop the cramping and dehydration. Nonetheless I got back to the Cove half an hour later then planned but a was able to work on my endurance. Frohe Weihnachten und ein glückliches neues Jahr 2009.

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