2006 - Year 5 - Capilano Midsummer Night Run

Capilano Night Run 2006
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32 Starter - 32 Finishers

Only one person forgot her flashlight, nobody got lost, no attacking bears, skunks or raccoons, no weirdos hiding in bushes and no injuries to report. Just a relaxing, midsummer run through a beautiful night time canyon followed by an amazing potluck spread (with illumination this year) at the yellow beacon. Not a bag of chips to be seen. What a healthy bunch we all are. 

Thanks for all to come out and contribute.  Thanks to the loonies who supplied enough crazy talk to last a life time (do I need to mention FFR) and thanks to the runners who tackled 3 CFA events within a 24hour time frame and still had enough humph left to party.
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More photos are posted here.
First Name Last Name Event Points Time
Daniel Probst 18km 2 1:31
David Smith 18km 2 1:31
Bill Dagg 18km 2 1:40
Ran Katzman 18km 2 1:42
Wendy Montgomery 18km 1 1:47
Desmond Mott 18km 2* 1:47
Doug MacKay 18km 2 2:03
Kim Taylor 13km 2 1:26
Elke Bauer 13km  2 1:27
Michele Sherstan 13km 1 1:27
cynnimon rain 13km 1 1:27
chris tomkinson 13km 1 1:27
Doug Keir 13km 2 1:30
Angus Mclellan 13km 1 1:34
Craig Moore 13km 2 1:35
Shay Wilson 13km 2 1:35
Claudia Bullington 13km  1 1:36
Baldwin Lee 13km 2 1:38
John Machray 13km 2 1:38
Sharon Bryson 13km 1 1:39
Lora-Lynn Oxenbury 13km 2 1:39
Patricia Barry 13km 2 1:42
Karl Jensen 13km 2 1:42
Geoffrey Palmer 13km 2 1:42
Lorraine Suomi 13km 2 1:42
Sibylle Tinsel 13km 3** 1:42
Cheryl Johnson 13km 2 1:48
Arlene MacAulay 13km 2 1:48
Lori Moody 13km 2 1:48
Rhonda Schuller 13km 2 1:48
Michelle Fredette custom 2 1:07
Andy Nicol custom 2 1:07
Ethelyn David crew 1  
Ean Jackson crew 1  
Killaine Sharman DNS -1  

* bonus point for picking up garbage
**EH point


Ean Jackson's picture

World's Best Potluck Spread

Wow!  Since Ethelyn and I were crewing rather than running, it was a test of our willpower to not sample while we were setting up the potluck table.  There was an incredible variety of appies, main courses and deserts.  Obviously a lot of love went into all of the home baked goodies and a lot of thought into the  variety of dishes.  What were those honey-dipped timbit things?  Were they Indian?  Iranian?  And the potato salad with the bacon it it...and the home made fried chicken.  Elke, I polished-off your Jagermeister while doing the dishes.  Sharon, thank you for donating your prize bottle of Hungarian wine from the Burnaby Mountain run.  I took a photo or 2 of the spread and will try to put it in this note later.

It was a beautiful night and a fantastic opportunity to catch up with a lot of old friends and make some new ones.  Congrats to all who ran on trails for the first time in the night as well as all of the veteran night runners.  (As a host, too bad you can't get a prize, Sibylle.  With 5/5 events to your credit, you are going to be tough to beat when it comes to the "Most Summer Night Runs" category.) 

Thank you, Sibylle, for organizing and managing another great night run! 


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