2006 - Year 3 - Bill's Great Peak - Results

Bill's Great Peak Ascent - 2006
Starter Photo - 22 July 2006
20 Starters - 20 Finishers


First Name Last Name City/Town Event Time at top Time at bottom
Bill Dagg Vancouver 30km 1:56 3:28   3
Bob Hermanutz Vancouver 30km 1:56 3:32 Scenic route :-) 2
Desmond Mott n. vancouver 30km 1:56 3:36   2
Patrick Thrift North Vancouver 30km 1:56 3:43   1
Rob Ruff Surey 30km 2:07 3:53   2
Kim Taylor West Vancouver 30km 2:25 4:24   2
Gilles Barbeau Vancouver 30km 2:42 4:27   2
Karl Jensen North Vancouver 30km 2:42 4:27   2
Elke Bauer Coquitlam 30km 2:42 4:31   2
John Machray N van 30km 2:42 4:31   1
Kathy Banks Vancouver Custom     Started at 7:50 2
Ann Taylor North Vancouver 27km   3:28 Chalet and back 2
Amy MacArthur Burnaby 15km   2:07   1
Baldwin Lee Burnaby 15km   2:09   2
Laddie Hannam north vancouver Custom 1:45 3:04   2
Claudia Bullington Richmond 15km 1:20 3:04 St. George's and back 1
Gary Moorman VANCOUVER 15km 1:20 3:04 St. George's and back 2
Maureen Wiens Vancouver 15km 1:20 3:04 St. George's and back 2
Sibylle Tinsel North Vancouver 15km 1:20 3:04   2
Tim Wiens Vancouver 15km 1:49   Point-to-point up 2



What would be a good day to run from the Rice Lake parking lot to the top of Grouse Mountain and back?  I’ve got it!  Let’s do it on the hottest day of the year!

So how was it … It’s hot!  Damn hot!

Either trail runners don’t pay attention to forecasts or they’re simply just missing a screw or two (one doesn’t necessarily preclude the other) as a record 19 runners toed the line for the third annual “Bill’s Great Peak Ascent” at 7:30am this past Saturday – a day that was forecast to have a high of 36C.  Fortunately, we were given a temporary reprieve as a high overcast kept the temperature somewhat under control for most of the ascent.

Ultimately, the heat did take a toll, though, as there were no record times this year, due in part to the time necessary to completely douse ourselves in every available water source.  Some, apparently, didn’t do enough dousing as this was also a record year for route customizations within 1 km of the finish line – Bob, on target to finish well ahead of the pack decided to go off-route after crossing the Pipe Bridge on the return trip (we’re talking about 300 m from the finish here folks).  Instead, he ended up finishing second behind yours truly, whom he found nearly passed out on the bench at the finish line.  Similarly, Patrick went off-route within 1 km of the end and decided to test out the mud depth in the swamps in the Varley Trail section while trying to get back on track.  He ultimately finished 4th behind Desmond.

Of the other 30 km participants, Rob and Kim ended up running pretty much solo.

For the remaining four 30 km runners (John, Karl, Gilles, and Elke) it seems there was also some possibly heat-induced confusion about what point to tag up on indicating the end of the “up” section so, Elke (being Elke) concluded the best option was to “tag up” on each of the other three runs hind sections.  From all accounts, there were no complaints.

In the custom distance group, Tim, opting for a point-to-point up, smoked everyone to the peak.  Ann went most of the way up, turning around at the Chalet, while Baldwin, Amy, and Laddie chose mid-range customizations.  That left a group of four (Sybille, Maureen, Claudia, Gary) who opted for a tamer out-and-back to the St. George’s Bench.  Kathy, after arriving late, chose another customization.

Notable nature sightings included a young black bear on Grouse Mountain, a (probably) Spotted Owl on St. George’s Trail, and a rabid chipmunk on Mountain Highway.

A great turnout at the Mosquito Creek Grill, no doubt aided by the prospect of a free beer for each participant, followed the event.  Amongst the goodies doled out as draw prizes were two Trail Runner Magazine subscriptions, the usual assortment of great Kinesys products, and a water bottle, bottle and holder, and running cap courtesy of North Shore Athletics.

Thanks to all who participated and, of course, to our sponsors.  Hope to see you all again next year.



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