Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This page is intented to give you the answers to the questions we are most typically asked.  If you can't find the answer you are looking for, then please contact us for a prompt, personal reply.


Prospective Members

Thinking of becoming a member of the Club?  Here's some background information:


Q: Do I need to be an endurance sport junkie to join Club Fat Ass?

A: No. Club Fat Ass encourages anyone who supports our objectives of promoting safe, economical, environmentally friendly endurance sport events and an active, healthy lifestyle to join. Benefits of Club Fat Ass membership.


Q: I don't live in Canada. How much is membership in my currency?  

A: Your membership dues will be calculated in Canadian dollars. Currencies fluctuate hourly relative to one another, so we can't tell you exactly the amount in your currency that will show up on your credit card when you sign up for a Club Fat Ass membership. You can get a decent idea of the amount in your currency, however, from an online currency conversion service such as Yahoo


Q: I'd like to give a membership in the Club as a birthday present. Can I do that?

A: Thoughtful idea! Please complete the membership form as if you were the person you are giving the gift to (e.g. enter their name, address, t-shirt size and other coordinates.)  Please contact us if you would like a gift notice sent by email.    


Q: Do I need to be a member to participate in a scheduled Club Fat Ass event?  

A: Yes. You can choose to join for a year and participate in as many Club Fat Ass events as you want, or join for a single day and participate in a particular event.

Note:  Most Flash and Speaker events are free and open to everyone, so if you have no money or are not sure if the Club is for you.  Benefits of Club Fat Ass membership.


Q: I'm confused. You say you promote free events, yet you charge me a membership. Please explain.

A:  Without funding of some sort, it's not possible to host a single "free" event, let alone an international network of them. Membership fees allow Club Fat Ass to function. We aim at all times to provide far more value to our members than the nominal cost of membership.    


Q: Where do my membership dues go?

A:  Annual membership dues cover the cost of t-shirts, technology infrastructure such as computers and web development, fees to consultants such as lawyers and accountants, salaries (currently all volunteer) and miscellaneous office and administration costs such as telephone.

     Day-of-Event membership dues are split with Event Hosts, the people who go to the trouble to put on free Club events.  These funds help them cover costs they would otherwise have to bear out of pocket, and gives them the opportunity to improve the value they provide to participants.


Q: How many months of membership do my dues cover?

A: Memberships are good until 31 December (calendar year), so the number of months of club benefits you receive depends on when you join. Maximum is 14.5 months. (See clarification of 15 October below.)


Q: When do I get my club colors? (The cool, custom t-shirt.)

A: We order shirts for all members on record 1 January.  The order has to be processed by the fabric supplier, the manufacturer, screener and the post office.  The shirts should be in your hands in early March.     


Q: Why should I consider 15 October?

A: If you join between 1 Jan and 15 October you will get the classic club colors (short-sleeve, blue or black, technical MEC shirt with orange screening). Your membership is valid until 31 December and you will need to renew your membership for next year any time after 15 October. If you join on or after 15 October, you will get free access to all CFA events for the remainder of the year, membership for the next year and the t-shirt for the next year.  

Sounds complex, but what it means is that after 15 October, you get 14.5 months of membership rather than 12. We figure this is a fair way to encourage new members to join toward the end of a year when they would otherwise only get a couple months of club benefits. It also encourages renewing members to renew before the first day of the new year.


Q: What's the difference between a "Fat Ass" and a "Club Fat Ass" event?

A: The term "Fat Ass" as it applies to running events was coined by Joe Oakes in 1978 to mean "no t-shirt, no aid, no wimps." Several community-minded folks around the world host "Fat Ass" events. "Club Fat Ass" aims to help more folks host "Fat Ass" events by introducing standards for quality and expectations and aims to help athletes find events by hosting a worldwide event calendar.    


Q: Where can I find a Fat Ass event?

A: We've attempted to list "Fat Ass", "Club Fat Ass" and any shade of cheap and cheerful endurance sport event on our Fat Ass event calendar. If you know of an event that is not listed, please send us a note and we will gladly add it.    


Q: I love the concept of Club Fat Ass. I want to help. What can I do?

A: We love you! Please join the club. Wear your club colors. Encourage your friends to join the club.  Blog.  Tweet.  Share the love by hosting your own event.    


Q: I have a question or a suggestion that I'd like to direct to Club Fat Ass. Who do I contact?

A: We welcome your your feedback and count on it to improve our member benefits. Details on the people behind Club Fat Ass and contact information is on our about us page.    


Q: Some of the terms you use are new to me. Please clarify.

A: In the hope that we might better match the expectations of people who host events and those who participate, we've defined some of the terms we use below:

  • CFA Event - a Scheduled, Flash or Speaker event offered by Club Fat Ass
  • CFA Event Host - person who hosts a Club Fat Ass event
  • Guest - someone who participates in a Club Fat Ass event
  • Aid - what you may or may not get in a Club Fat Ass event
  • Crew - those who may or may not assist with a Club Fat Ass event
  • RP (Reference Point) - a location in an event where a guest might find aid or crew


Prospective Event Hosts

Thinking of hosting a Club event?  Here's some background information:


Q: Do I need to be a Club Fat Ass member to host a Club Fat Ass event?

A: Yes, we do ask that you drink the Kool-aid. Join now!


Q: Do all members have to host an event?

A: No, but wouldn't it be nice if they did?


Q: Do I need to be an ultramarathon runner, a climber who has conquered Mount Everest or Ironman triathlete to host an event?

Q: No. If you have the desire to host an event and are prepared to invest some time and follow our recipe for success, we provide you with everything you need to host a safe, fun event.


Q: I'd like to host a Club Fat Ass event to help raise money for my favorite charity. How do I raise money if I allow Club Fat Ass members to participate in my event for free?

A: We applaud your intent and strongly support your initiative to host a Club Fat Ass fundraiser event.  Several scheduled and Flash events have a specific aim of generating funds.  Please refer to our fundraising resource page for ideas on how to raise funds by hosting a free event.  Please contact us to discuss.


Q: What does Club Fat Ass do for me that I can't do on my own?

A: Save you a lot of time. Save you a lot of money. Potentially limit your personal liability. Allow you to put on a better event. Help you to attract more participants. Help make you famous.  The list of benefits to Event Hosts is quite compelling!


Q: I'm a member. How do I sign up as an Event Host?

A: Please refer to hosting an event.


Q: I've been hosting my own Fat Ass-style event for years now. My event has a history. People are used to participating for free. Why would I want to become affiliated with Club Fat Ass?

A: Good question. If, after understanding the benefits we provide to CFA Event Hosts, you feel Club Fat Ass can't do anything for you that you can't do on your own, you're best to keep on doing things as you are. We'd be happy to help you promote your event by giving you a free listing in our Calendar of Fat Ass Events Around the World. You're also welcome to use the resources we have developed for our members. Contact us with the details for our event calendar.