2005 T-Shirt (the "blue" year)

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Our 2005 Poster Children

Dom Repta and Cheryl Picot recently got married on the beach in Mexico. They forgot to take a wedding photo in their red Club Fat Ass shirt. To get even, they had to model the 2005 shirts outside on a freezing cold February night.

In the recent garment survey, you told us you wanted a high quality, short sleeve technical t-shirt that you could use to run, bike, hike a

nd get the groceries in. The majority asked for blue, but with distinctive shades and sizing for women and men. You also said that your club t-shirt would ideally be widely available so that you might get the chance to try it on before committing to the size you order.

Introducing the Rapidi-T from the Mountain Equipment Co-Op!

  • Baltic blue (a studly medium blue) for men and Iceberg blue (a lovely light turquoise) for women
  • Made of 3.7oz. 100% polyester microfibre, micro-waffle, mini-mesh fabric for moisture wicking
  • Made in Canada, fabric from Canada
  • Mens shirts have a classic fit for comfort (available sizes M-XL).
  • Womens shirts feature a form fitted cut (available sizes S-L)

The only potential hiccup is that the MEC can't promise that all sizes will be available all year, so we encourage you to pay your Club dues early in the year.

On the front of the t-shirt:

The Club Fat Ass porker logo in white with 'club fat ass' also in white below the porker. Subtle and informative, enough to turn heads and prompt the question, "What's Club Fat Ass?" from the cashier in the grocery store checkout line.

On the back of the t-shirt:

"I may be a fat ass, but I'm in front of you!"
"www.ClubFatAss.com "
"promoters of oddball athletic events and a healthy, outdoor lifestyle"

in white. Provocative, but tasteful. It answers the question, "What is Club Fat Ass", but barely. The cashier checks out your butt.