Member Benefits

Membership in Club Fat Ass is an affordable way to gain access to an ever growing number of outdoor events.

What is the difference then between a Club Fat Ass member, a Club Fat Ass website authenticated user, and an anonymous user?

  • A member (or a non-member) refers to the club - a member is a person that has paid in full for an annual club membership for the current calendar year.
  • An authenticated user refers to the website - it is a person that has signed up (for free), chose for herself a user name and password, and is currently logged in to the website. That person can be a member or a non-member.
  • An anonymous user also refers to the website - it is a person that is not currently logged in to the website, be it a member, or someone that has a website user name and password but chose not to log in. 
  • See this help topic for more details.

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