Ambassador Program

Under the Ambassador program, new members may choose to be contacted by a current club member after joining Club Fat Ass. The ambassador will help answer any questions, help identify suitable upcoming runs and where possible, coordinate to run with the new member at their first club event. To get in touch with an Ambassador, or if you are an existing member, who considers becoming an Ambassador, please contact Marc Schmitz.

Intention of program - welcome and buddy new members with outgoing, positive and supportive existing members to make new members feel welcome, provide trail familiarization and encourage repeat participation by new members.

Our Ambassadors - Currently we have Sibylle, Carlie, Ran, Ean, Craig and Marc serving as member ambassadors.


How it works - The ambassadors will contact new members, actively invite new members to upcoming events, run with the new member at initial event, possibly host a new flash orientation run of favourite routes.



  • upon being contacted by a new member, the ambassador coordinator would identify an appropriate ambassador (based on ability, pace, experience, geographic location, preferred run types) and email ambassador with details
  • ambassador confirms ability to support new member with ambassador coordinator
  • ambassador makes contact with new member and invites out to a suitable upcoming event. (ambassador profiles should have a photo for new members to identify them)
  • new member and ambassador are buddied up for initial event. Includes making sure the new member has clear directions to start, meeting prior to start for introductions and introductions to other CFA members at the event, running with new member at initial event, post-run get together encouraged, follow-up with new member after the event (email/phone)

Are you considering to become an ambassador? Here is what it takes:


Ambassasor profile

  • willing to make contact with new members (outgoing)
  • willing to shepherd new member in initial event (pace, duration, etc)
  • aware of CFA philosophy

Benefits to ambassadors

  • Ambassadors would earn points (2) for the whole cycle of contact with a new member
  • Ambassadors can take pride in inspiring the next generation of club members and outdoor enthusiasts