Looking for a pacer and crew for Vancouver 100

Hey guys!

First time posting on here. So I'm making my first attempt at Vancouver 100 on June 2-3 and I've found myself in a bit of a predicament: I just found out my intended crew will be out of town for that weekend. This has left me scrambling to find a person or people who will be able to support me during the race. Even if I can't find someone who can crew the entire time (and I'm gonna be slowwww- 25+ hrs, I figure) it would be a huge help to get aid at even just a few key stops.

I'm also looking for a 2nd pacer. I have someone to pace me for the last 25k but I've decided I want to find another pacer for the 50-75k portion. This would be the section from horseshoe bay to cleveland dam. We will be trudging through some snow and it will likely be dark for the last bit. As I said, I'll be moving slowly so no need to worry about being fast enough. I suspect that section will be more of a hike than a run for me!

If you're interested and want to talk details, you can email me at kyndra.moeller@gmail.com.

Thanks and good luck to everyone else at Van 100!


Edit: All set now with pacers and crew. Thanks!