Traveling Colours Contest

Jesper Olsen near Kamloops during his World Run.

In response to a posting from me he writes in his forum:

Thanks a lot for the Potluck :-))) As you can see from my answer to Ean I MUCH enjoyed the compagny - and later came to understand that it was representative for the warm and supportive attitude that I have experiensed throught my first month of running in Canada !!! ...

Only one danger remains (besides the bears... ;-) ; that I will become so pleased with running up here that the thourght of running back to europe wont be appealing ! ;-) And we cant have me circling Canada for the rest of the decade ;-))

Re. the FAT ASS T-shirt then I wear it with pride, ofcourse, and there should be atleast one picture promoting the FAT ASS WAY OF LIFE amongst the webpictures - from the stage after Kamloops ! And if I get my memory to work right I'll put up a few pictures on tomorrows 80km stage to Calgary :-)

With my very best wishes & thanks again for all your support and work, making my Canadian part of the run a true pleasure :-)




I can't find Jesper's text on his website---only his photos. Any hints? Pat
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Navigating Jesper's website

Hi Pat,
Jesper hasn't been able to update the reports in the last few days. Go to http://www.worldrun.org/dailyreports.shtml

and click on the previous day link until you come to 1 May (which is the last one with an entry).

Good Luck,