Registration - How to download a registration list?

You should receive an email copy of every online registration in your inbox. This is great to see immediately who signed up for your event. However, it is not a good format for a starter list. You can create a starter list directly from your registration page without having to manually type the data.

To create a starter list: 

  • Login, then go to your Event website and click on the link to your Registration page
  • Under the Registration caption you will see link tabs. Click on "Results" (this is rectangular tab, not the link to the event results page - if you end up on the event results page, go back and look for the rectangular tabs)
  • A list of registrants opens up.
  • Click on "Download" and select "Microsoft Excel" as the export format and "Tab" as the "delimited text format".
  • Click on "Download" at the bottom of the page
  • All registrations will download into an Excel spread sheet.

To use this spreadsheet as a starter and finisher list you will need to customize it slightly.

Customize your Excel registration list:

  • Delete all rows that contain test registrations either from you or Sibylle
  • Delete all duplicate registrations (sometimes folks like to hit the submit button twice)
  • Delete all rows with information you will not need on the day of the event. You should keep the rows with the sign-up date, First Name, Last Name, phone, email (important), City, Distance.
  • Create a new column for sign-in
  • Create a new column for times (several, if you record split times or loop times)
  • If you know how to do this, you can create table grids around each cell. This makes the table more readable when participants sign in.
  • Sort by "distance/event" and then by "last name".
  • Add blank rows at the bottom to allow for registrations the morning of the event.
  • Save your document to your files as "Year-YourEvent-Registration"

Awarding Points for the point series:

  • Now is a good time to award 2 points for all participants pre-registered 2 days in advance, 1 point for participants registered less than 2 days in advance. Folks who sign up and don't show, will earn a minus point! Points are also rewarded for good sportsmanship and picking up garbage. Other points are awarded or deducted at your discretion.
  • It's easy to replace the registration date with points using the same column and deleting the date.

Printing your registration list:

  • Select the rows and colums you need to print. Don't forget to include a few empty rows for last minute registration.
  • Click print-preview, select "landscape" format.
  • Arrange the margins and column width to fit all columns on one sheet.
  • Print