Registration - How To Deal With Last Minute Registrations

It is important for you to know who starts your event.  This so you can both account for everyone at the finish and give your guests credit for their efforts on the results page of your event website.

We encourage all participants to register online and in advance as a courtesy to you, the Event Host.   For better or for worse, some of your guests make their decision to join you at the last minute. 


  • Print off and bring your registration list to the start.
  • As you greet your guests, ask them to sign-in.  All participants who have preregistered online are Club Fat Ass members, unless noted otherwise.  If they have pre-registered, there is no work for you or for them
  • anyone not on your registration list needs to both complete a waiver and add their name to the master list of starters.  Please check to make sure they include a legible email address, as otherwise you may have no way to contact them!
  • Clarify if the person is a current Club Fat Ass member.
  • Non-members will have to pay the Single-Day membership fee in cash or cheque ($25). Please note amount paid on both the waiver and the registration list. Single Day membership fees paid in cash are split between CFA ($10) and the Event Host ($15).
  • If a person prefers to sign-up as annual member, it is usually best to refer them to the website and trust that they wil do so. They still need to sign a waiver. Note on the waiver that the person will sign up online.
  • After the event, transfer the handwritten info (as well as finisher times, distances covered and allocated points) into your Excel registration file and forward to Sibylle.