The print out of your registration list is your master sheet for the results. You will use your computer copy to post to the website

Recording Times

  • Make sure you remind everybody at the start to record their times and either write them on your registration sheet after finishing or email them to you.
  • If you have a helper at the finish, ask them to record times and distances.
  • Bring your registration sheet to the finisher party and record any missing times/distances

Posting Results

  • Once home and recovered, transfer the times, distances and points collected to your registration sheet stored on your computer.  Make sure you add the names and email addresses of any late registrants. Sort by distance, time and name. Save this document and send it to the Club administration.  We will use this document to update the Point Series and send out a post-event survey to all participants.
  • Copy the results table and paste it directly in the results page of your website: http://www.clubfatass.com/events/YourEventName/results/year.  Make sure your remove the column containing email addresses. If there is no results page for the current year set-up yet, go to your navigation block, choose "create content" - "story".  Site administration will then attach this new page to your website, give it the proper URL and post it to the front page.
  • The results page should contain a starter photo, followed by a report and the results table.  You can go back anytime to edit or add missing times.