Add a Google Map to your Agenda page

Here are the instructions to use the GMap builder module.

Part 1. Center the Map

  • log in to the website with your user-name and password
  • either link to http://www.clubfatass.com/map/macro or click on "Build a GMap macro" under your name on the left hand column
  • open a separate browser window with your Agenda page and open the Edit tab
  • drag the map around with your mouse until the area of your event is more or less in the centre. Use the zoom function (the arrows and plus/minus sign in the upper left corner of the map) for more or less detail.

Part 2. Enter Reference Points

Use the following settings to place Start, Finish and other key key reference points on your map:

  • Click map: points
  • Click marker: edit info
  • Marker:
    • orange - if you want a simple blank marker
    • number - if you would like to have several numbered markers on the map
  • click on map to place the markers.

Use the following settings to change your reference points:

  • Click map: points
  • Click marker: remove marker
  • Marker: as above
  • click on map to place the markers.

Other hints and tips 

  • if in doubt, zoom way in when you place the marker.  The more accurate the better, as someone might use a GPS to find your reference point
  • use the move and zoom arrows and plus/minus signs until you are happy with the centering and magnification of the map
  • to centre the map on a certain address you can in out the address in the "Address" field
  • ignore any of the other fields on the page

Part 3 - Save Your Map to Your Agenda page

  • at the bottom of the page, there is a box labelled Macro text:
  • copy the text in the Macro text field (CTRL C)
  • go to the other window with your Agenda page
  • paste the text (CTRL V) where you would like to see the map
  • click Submit to save your changes in the page. Wait a few seconds as the maps loads. You should see a Google Map embedded in your page.
  • close the GMap macro page
Please don't hesitate to post here if you have any questions, problems, hints or tips.  This is a new features and there may be some bugs.