Social Media, Club Fat Ass and You

Got one of the first green or red Club t-shirts?  Then you might remember our first "online clubhouse"... a simple website cobbled-together in Frontpage back in the day before anyone knew what a URL was and only geeks had email addresses.   Social media, blogging or even commenting on a website was foreign to most of us.

All to say that Club Fat Ass has been an early adopter of new media as a way to provide value to you, our members and members-to-be.

With the explosion of social media and Club Fat Ass members using a variety of online communities, we thought it was time to provide a little road map to help you navigate the social media we use.

Check us out on the following social media sites and make sure to share, tag and bookmark to spread the word:


Before you even leave the CFA site l with Facebook and Twitter, you can very easily share any post directly from our website.  Look for the "ShareThis" link below any post.  Clicking on this gives you a choice of social networking sites to share with.


Facebook Page

  • http://www.facebook.com/ClubFatAss
  • Club Fat Ass' primary presence on Facebook is located here. 
  • "suggest to friends" function in the upper left can be used to invite your active friends to "like" us (formerly "become a fan")
  • "add to my pages favorite's" can be used to add the CFA page to your page as a favorite
  • "Share" (bottom of left side bar) can be used to post our page to your profile or to send it to your friends
  • Feel free to start a discussion, write on the wall and add a review, links, photos and videos.  You can do all this from the tabs at the top of the page

Facebook Group

Facebook Events

The CFA FB page is updated with our upcoming events.  You can help the Event Host promote the event by:

  • RSVP via FB (but please don't forget to register for the event on the Club Fat Ass website as well)
  • "invite people to come" by clicking on the invite link under the event image
  • Share the event.  By clicking the "share tab" (under the links in the upper right under the porker) you can post the event to your profile or share it with your FB friends.
  • Feel free to add photos, links, videos or write on the wall

Facebook Tagging

If you have event photos or videos on Facebook, please tag them with ClubFatAss and ClubFatAssEvents


You noticed this has come up a few times. While you can share from within FB, you can also very easily share any post directly from our website.  Look for the "ShareThis" link below any post.  Clicking on this gives you a choice of social networking sites to share with.


I won't make an attempt to explain Twitter to you here.  It's sort of like Facebook but way different...;-)  You can find a beginners primer here: www.twitip.com/13-twitter-tips-and-tutorials-for-beginners/

Club Fat Ass' tweets can be found and followed at http://twitter.com/ClubFatAss Yours truly is the official CFA tweep and I attempt to tweet about upcoming events, contests, updated web pages, results as well as  subjects that might be of interest to you.

If you like to become part of the Twitter community and Club Fat Ass' tweets you can do the following:

  • follow @ClubFatAss (we will follow back, but it might take a few days) I make every attempt to avoid following suspect accounts or accounts that are more concerned with naughty bits than running.
  • retweet aka RT our tweets if you like them.  You do this by preceding a copy of the tweet with RT @clubfatass there are Applications like Hootsuite and Tweetdeck which provide you with an easy retweet function.
  • tweet about Club Fat Ass and our events.
  • use hashtags...huh?  Hashtags are words or phrase preceded by #  as in #ClubFatAss or #ClubFatAssEvents.  I recommend to use #ClubFatAss or #ClubFatAssEvents in any tweet about the club or or events.  Sometimes you need to make a call on how many hastags you use, as you are limited to 140 characters per tweet.
  • use "share this" below any post on our website to tweet about an interesting story directly from the CFA website.


Club Fat Ass uses Flickr's great photo sharing features to display photos in posts, in the Members in Action area in the right side column, for our Travelling Colours contest and in slideshows linked from results pages.

You can find extensive instructions how to post photos to our website using Flickr here.


Club Fat Ass's YouTube Channel is at: http://www.youtube.com/ClubFatAss

Here is what you can do to stay tuned in to the channel and promote our events:

  • Subscribe to the ClubFatAss channel.  Look for the yellow subscribe tab in the upper left of our channel page (also down the screen on the left
  • add Club Fat Ass as a friend. Look for the +friend tab down the screen a bit on the left side
  • rate/favorite our movies (look for the tabs below individual movies)
  • comment on our movies (look for the comment below individual movies)
  • if you upload movies of your CFA events, please use "Club Fat Ass"  in your description, and add the tags "ClubFatAss ClubFatAssEvents NameofEvent" to your movie.  You can grab the embed code provided by YouTube and embed the movie in your ClubFatAss blog post or to a results page and even in comments.


coming soon!

If you think Club Fat Ass should participate in other social networking sites, please email and we investigate