Film Festival - 2010 Gala



There are several great things about having film festival contestants on YouTube:

  • people who attended the gala event in person can watch their favorites again
  • people who couldn't attend in person can still participate
  • anyone can share their favorites with their friends

For the benefit of all, I've summarized the gala evening of adventure video in this note. 

First, I'll set the stage.  I'll review how the evening was structured so any VIP film critics in Internet-land can approach the festival in the same way as those VIPs who attended in person. Next, I'll share links to the entries so you can view them as we did at the gala.  Hopefully, you will share your comments and criticisms online as the gala critics did in person.  Finally, I'll share the results.  Sure, you can always scroll down and find out who won, but more fun to look at each entrant in turn and compare how your vote compared to those who attended in person.


Setting the Stage

The gala event was hosted by Kintec at their North Vancouver store.  Graham and Ryne had a high-speed Internet connection, a computer, a projector and a big screen all set up.  A slide show of adventure photos from many Club members played on the screen as VIP guests arrived.  Kintec was kind enough to provide drinks and munchies.  It was a great opportunity to chat and for the active members of the Club to see themselves up on the screen at one Club Fat Ass event or another.

It was a standing-room-only crowd.  When they arrived, each guest was given a film critic's scorecard.  This listed the entrants in the festival and offered a few pointers on how the pros evaluate documentary films.  (Virtual VIPs... get your scorecard here before you watch the show!) 

We were very fortunate to have an expert panel of documentary filmmakers join us.  Given the filmmakers in this festival are not professionals, the role of the panel was to offer a few thoughts of coaching and critical feedback.  Many thanks to Ron Precious, Gary Robbins and Angus McLellan for the insightful commentary.

The emcee (me: Ean Jackson) welcomed everyone, said a few "Thank Yous!" and clarified how the winner of the Porkie Award would be selected before kicking-off the show.


The Roster

This is the actual roster of films in the order of showing.  There were some changes to the formal agenda on the scorecard to accommodate a couple of last-minute entries.


Order Title Time Filmmaker
1 Vancouver Skyline XTC 6:54 Sibylle Tinsel
2 Spaghetti Trees 3:13 Sibylle Tinsel
3 The Needles and Lynn Peak 5:50 Sibylle Tinsel
4 The Full Monty 4:45 Carlos Castillo
5 Cathedral Mountain 8:56 Sibylle Tinsel
6 House to Grouse 3:37 William Jans
7 The Royal Sweep 6:44 Sibylle Tinsel
8 New Year's Day Fat Ass 50 9:52 Sibylle Tinsel
9 Paton and Coliseum with Sambuca 8:32 Sibylle Tinsel
10 North Shore Enduro 3:57 Sibylle Tinsel
10 Bagger Challenge Highlights 8:09 Carolyn King & Neil Ambrose
12 Paton and Coliseum on Longboard 7:48 Kerry Ward

 Grab some popcorn and a cool one and sit somewhere comfy.  Here's the full playlist:

Note:  If you would like to be an active participant in the festival at any time, please use the scorecard to evaluate each of the films, then leave your feedback in the comment section for the film on YouTube.  This year's contestants look to feedback in order to improve for next year and future filmmakers will look to these comments as they polish their entries. Please be positive! 


The Results

Everyone in attendance was given one vote.  That vote could be awarded after a careful critical analysis using the scorecard or simply personal gut feel.  Voting was by show of hands as each film was called out in order of showing. 

All 5 filmmakers received multiple votes.  The first and second most popular films were separated by only 1 vote.

The envelope, please. 

And the winner is...

Sibylle Tinsel for her account of David Crerar and Ean Jackson's Bagger Challenge adventure to Cathedral Mountain! 

First runner-up was William Jans for his 7th annual House to Grouse run on Canada Day.  The critic's choice for third place went to Sibylle for Paton and Coliseum with Sambuca.

A big, fat, "Congrats!" to all filmmakers for the time, trouble and love you put into your submissions.


The Epilogue

After the store had been cleaned up, many of the VIP critics and panelists went next door to the pub to review the evening over a black-and-tan.  All agreed that the festival was successful in achieving it's goals of showcasing some cool adventures by some neat people, encouraging more people to share their adventures with video... and that it was a lot of fun.  Everyone furthermore agreed that we who live in British Columbia are fortunate to live in one of the most amazing places in the world for outdoor adventures!

For all gala VIPs, I will do my darndest to get your thoughts, suggestions and other feedback from the scorecards back to the appropriate filmmaker.  Some great ideas.  Thx!

Given that it was such a success, plans are already underway for a sequel in 2011.  Hints, tips and instructions on how to submit your opus to follow.


Ean Jackson
Co-Host of the First Annual Fat Ass Film Festival of Outdoor Adventures


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