(Please note for 2013: Because of a trail washout about 2km from the  turn around at the Cypress Lookout parking lot, the option this year will be 46km Up and Down, and any custom distances as an out and back.  The Up start is not available, not is the 25km Up or 25km Down option)

The XTC route has been designed for 25K "Up", 25K "Down", 25K "Out-and-Back", 50K "Up and Down" and "Roll Your Own" custom distance options... so there is a run distance to suit everyone!

While a lot of the course is quite well marked with Trans-Canada trail, Baden Powell and other trail signs, the XTC doesn't follow any particular trail for its entire length. Be sure to print out the appropriate course description ("Up" or "Down" or both) at the link below and bring it with you on event day in a plastic baggie to protect it. Better yet, train on the course, bring the map and the directions to make sure you don't get lost! For an overview map click here. You can find an elevation profile here. Please note, that you will not be able to navigate with just the map, you need the course descriptions (see below). Runners are assumed to be self-supporting, but we encourage friends and family to come out and crew. All Reference Points noted on the course description are accessible by car.

We really don't want you to get lost. Local trail gurus have gone over this course many times to make sure distances and descriptions are impeccable. Despite our best efforts, a landmark may have changed or our descriptions may not be crystal clear to you. Please give us your feedback so we can improve. Point out any errors to your Event Host at the finisher party and you get a free beer!

Please link to the appropriate course description below. (Those who want to roll their own distance, please use the "Up" description and plan to run out and back.)

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XTC Skyline Elevation Profile.pdf559.55 KB