Vancouver Skyline XTC (X-country Trail Challenge)

8 Jun 2013 08:00
North Vancouver, BC Canada

Please find detailed information and registration through the links below:

(Please note for 2013: Because of a trail washout about 2km from the  turn around at the Cypress Lookout parking lot, the options this year will be 46km Up and Down from Griffin, and any custom distances as an out and back.  The Up start is not available, not is the 25km Up or 25km Down option.


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Oh Oh ... Trail is Out

Hey Wendy,

Glenn Pace, Jose and I decided to do a bit of reconnaissance today.  

We ran straight the section of the XTC route along the Skyline Trail/Trans-Canada Trail from the Hollyburn Cheute to the picnic area off Cypress Road.   Or at least, we tried to...

Heads-up there is blowdown and a bad-ass washout.  The blowdown will slow people down a bit, but is totally OK.  The slide is a deal-breaker.  

Slide is about 1/2 way between Hollyburn Cheute and the turnaround on one of the many beautiful little ravines along the way.  Heading west, it's before one hits the flat road section.  Heading east from the turnaround, it's about a 15 minute run.  

The whole trail on the west side of the ravine slid into the creek.  Impossible to trace the old trail route as it's down to sheer rock.  Might be possible to install ropes at one point, but you'll need some decent climbing rope with knots in it and, IMHO, some knowledgable help to set it up it.  

I recomemnd you contact West Van and ask if they have any plans or advice.  If not, I recommend you reroute. 

I was out there a few weeks

I was out there a few weeks ago, a day before some big rains, and it was pretty tricky even then. We had fun getting through that section but I wouldn't want to be responsible for sending a group with varying skills and experience through there.

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