Vancouver Skyline XTC (X-country Trail Challenge)


  • A trail run with a twist that explores some of the most scenic areas of Vancouver's famous North Shore mountains
  • 25K "Up", 25K "Down", 50K "Up and Down" and "Roll Your Own" custom distance options to suit all abilities
    (Please note for 2013: Because of a trail washout about 2km from the  turn around at the Cypress Lookout parking lot, the option this year will be 46km Up and Down, and any custom distances as an out and back.  The Up start is not available, not is the 25km Up or 25km Down option.
  • Approximately 3,000m (9,000') of elevation change over the 50K course on moderate to challenging trails

When and Where?

  • Saturday 8 June 2013 (2nd Saturday in June) - 08:00 start
  • All participants meet at the Griffin Rec Centre to check in
  • See agenda for details on how to get there and course description

Who is registered?

  • Check out who is registered here.

How Much?

  • Free for Club Fat Ass members (check out current membership fees and benefits here)
  • To keep hassles on the morning of the run to a minimum and allow the host to participate with you, please sign up for both your Club membership and the XTC event online and in advance.