Seymour Super Fun Run - 2011 - Year 10

Starter Photo - 26 November 2011 -  24 Starters

Report:  What a day we had! This was a record for me in two ways: 1) we had 3 new members sign-up on the spot! 2) I ran a personal best at this years run (which was totally unexpected).

We had 24 starters and 24 finishers this year.  Not bad considering the forcast for Saturday was calling for 50mm of RAIN!  Well needless to say the weather didn't disappoint.  We started out in sprinkling rain about 5 deg C which abated for a good part of an hour.  Snow greeted us as we topped out at the high point at the Vancouver Picnic area.  

I could go on how Ran and Mike P led the charge up Old Buck making the steep incline look non-existent or the fact that my buddy Mike F doing his first FA was giving me a fun run for my money!

Congrats to the two gals who came out and did they're very first FA event, and have NEVER ran on the North shore Trails!  They navigated flawlessly through the maze of trails with only their instructions in hand (very cold hands I might add!).

I was lucky enough to end my run as the second 'deluge' started.  My friends at the back weren't so lucky as they had to endure quite a bit of extra wetness! 

We handed out a running hat, Montrail water bottle, and ladies T shirt all from Kintec.  We also gave out 4 trail runner subscriptions!  Wahoo!

Thank you so much to all of you who came out and braved the weather to enjoy our north Shore trails!

The 10th annual Seymour Super Fun Run was a complete success!

Cheers, your host

Mike Wardas

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First Name Last Name Age Event Time Comments
Mike Palichuk 40-49 27km 2:31:00  
Mike Wardas   27km 2:32:00  
Ran Katzman 40-49 27km 2:33:00  
Michael Forbes 30-39 27km 2:38:00  
desmond mott 50-59 27km 2:04:00 Custom + trash
Bill Maurer 50-59 27km 3:38:00 Garbage
Karl Jensen 60-69 27km 3:48:00  
Eric Rannard   27km 3:50:00  
Craig Moore 50-59 27km 4:25:00  
Neil Ambrose 40-49 27km 4:25:00  
Carolyn King 40-49 27km 4:25:00  
Alicia Woodside   27km 3:12:00  
Tarn Berry   27km 3:12:00  
Jessica Glowacki 30-39 27km 3:12:00  
Pamela Keck 30-39 27km 3:12:00  
Paul Martin 30-39 27km 3:12:00  
Helen Tilley 40-49 27km 3:12:00  
Todd Kennedy 30-39 27km 3:12:00  
Monika Kriedemann 40-49 27km 3:34:00  
Liza Flemming 30-39 custom 3:00:00  
Carlie Smith 30-39 short 2:04:00 Custom + trash
Rob Kay 50-59 short 2:15:00  
Jose Houle   short 2:15:00  
Jay Jardine 30-39 short 2:30:00  
Rachel Fouladi 40-49 27km No show  
Dave Berg 40-49 27km No show  

































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So I did get lost then

I really can't figure out where I strayed off course, but 5-6 people finished ahead of me, while they were behind at some point early in the race. And I thought I had figured out the course this time! Must be the evil Bridle Path.

Thanks for the event Mike.

Craig Moore's picture

thanks Mike

thanks for another super fun run Mike (my ninth one because I love that route so much).

While we were out there I received an email from Jesper Olsen (www.worldrun.org) with good wishes for all the SSFR participants:

"I still remember with fondness the two visits to Vancouver so far ! The nature here in South America is amazing, but... Canada, and in particular the Vanc. area are not bad eighter ;-) It strikes me as one of the most varied places to run, along w. areas like Equador/Quito city, South Africa/Cape Town & Mid. Siberia/Irkutsk city. So I hope you, Karl and the other FA.-runners enjoy the trails today :-))"

You can read Jesper's incrediblde world run 30,000 km report here:



I hope to see everyone out to Pure Satisfaction in 2 weeks (on Sunday starting in Lynn Canyon again).




Thanks for coming Craig!

Great to see your smiling frozen face after the run!

Contrats to you and your fello FA'rs!

Say hi to Jesper for us!



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