Seymour Super Fun Run - 2010 - Year 9

Starter Photo - 27 November 2010  - 46 Starters

Report: Mike will post his report soon.  In the meantime here are the highlights of today:

The day started unexpectedly dry and the 60% chance of rain did not materialize.  Nevertheless, the trails were challenging and in parts very slippery.  Were there was no slush, there was cold mud and puddles.  Perfect conditions for a trail run. We had a record field of close to 50 starters, many of them Club Fat Ass virgins.  Most did take the challenge and completed the 27km course, which by the way is part of the original Dirty Duo course from way back when Mike was the race director.  A small group finished the short course and clocked in 14km, with the remaining crowd doing various custom distances.  
Dario provided some excitement, first by bonking, then being AWOL, then, as I was just debating to initiate a search, found weaving across the parking lot at Parkgate.  Not quite coherent and very cold, he happily slurped down the hot, sugared tea, a cookie and a bowl of chili we forced upon him.  He did resist us ripping off his wet clothes (and putting dry stuff on him) and really didn't like Ran's hat....but it had to be done...sorry Dario.

A few folks walked away with prizes, thanks to Kintec, Trailrunner Magazine and Sugoi.  

Thank you to all who came out today!  It turned out to be a fantastic day to run around in the woods.   The turn out was absolutely amazing!  I can't wait to rip up Craig's Pure Satisfaction in two weeks. 

Thanks again and we'll see you next year!

Cheers, Mike

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First Name Last Name Distance Time Point
Ran Katzman 27km 2:37  2
Mike Palichuk 27km 2:37  2
Ryan Conroy 27km 2:44  1
Adrian Powell 27km 2:45  2
James Clarke 27km 2:53  2
Carolyn Goluza 27km 2:58  2
Pat Malavi 27km 2:58  1
Susan Reynolds 27km 2:58  2
David Parker 27km 2:28  2
Will Schuurman 27km 2:59  1
John Neels 27km 3:10  2
Ross Fleming 27km 3:14  1
desmond mott 27km 3:14 3
Sukhi Pawa 27km 3:14  2
James  Wanless 27km 3:20  2
Paul Martin 27km 3:28  2
Heather Urquhart 27km 3:28  2
Ean Jackson 27km 3:40  2 + 1
Bill Maurer 27km 3:40 3
Julie Flynn 27km 3:42  2
Andrea Balakova 27km 3:45  2
Eric Rannaud 27km 3:45  2
Ward Beemer 27km 3:47  1
Jessica Glowacki 27km 3:47  3
Helen Tilley 27km 3:47  2
deavah yerxa 27km 3:47  1
Craig Moore 27km 3:49 3
linda wong 27km 3:50  2
Liza Flemming 27km 3:51 3
Herb Yang 27km 4:59  2
Laurie  Brookbank 27km 4:59  2
Lori Clerkson 27km 4:59  2
Carie Moran 27km 5:03  2
Rachel Fouladi 27km 5:03 3
Lindy Yeates 27km ?  1
Bill Dagg 12km 1:44 3
Tanya Jones 12km 2:45  2
Steve Deller 12km 3:30  1
Pamela Keck 12km 2:45  2
Jess Dagg custom 1:36 3
Sibylle Tinsel custom 1:40  3
Ray Levasseur custom 1:56  2
Benji Chu custom 2:00  1
Tracy Wakaluk custom 2:03  1
Reagan White custom 3:44 3
Dario Herrera custom 4:00  2
Norma Bastidas DNS    -1
Glenn Cameron DNS    -1
Ruby Ferguson (Willis) DNS    -1
Hassan Lotfi-Pour DNS    -1
Gabriela  Stoian  DNS    -1
Allison Tai DNS    -1
Barry Young DNS    -1
Edward Sargisson DNS   -1





















































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Ean Jackson's picture

Hey... where's my trash point?

I have reliable independent witnesses who will attest to the fact that I picked up trash near Lynn Lake.  I'm sure it was a minor oversight and not the manifestation of a conspiracy to see that I get smoked in the Club Point Competiton for the 3rd year in a row...

Many thanks for a great run and the fine company, Mike!


PS  I wish my camera didn't choke.  Eric, who ran immediatly in front of me for a lot of the long course, was wearing his platypus feet (vibram 5-finger shoe thingies.) Less than zero grip on the snow.  He was slipping all over the place. Several times on some of the steeper climbs, he slid backwards into my face.  I had to literally push his sorry ass off my nose.  Sometimes my hand slipped as I struggled for air.

Given all of the attention the "don't touch my junk" airport security video got this past weekend, this would have been a funny parallel from a runners' perspective.

Sibylle's picture

 Quit your whining. Points

 Quit your whining. Points are updated.  I did not bribe Wardas to omit your point, I swear!

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