2013 Seawall 100

Starter Photo (photos by Sean)

Event Report:  Perfect conditions greeted the litte group that assembled at the Friendship Globe in Dundarave to set out for a wee run.  Michael, tricked out in huaraches, shoes that would make Eric Rannauld blush and caused a few remarks around chafing, wanted to complete 50km.  Kyndra was ready to go for 50miles and Sibylle and Karl were looking at the half marathon distance.  The girls set out a bit faster than the boys, but by the time they were at Coal Harbour, the boys had warmed up and caught up to the front runners ;-).  
Careful not to hinder any fast bike riders whipping by them across the Lionsgate Bridge, they still go into trouble when a very entitled rider, yelled at both groups that they were running on a fast bike path, huh!  Sibylle, battling Vancouver traffic on a bike everyday, called after him, that she loved him too.  Lets keep it friendly, dudes and dudettes.  Share the road...  But I digress, the fall colours, fresh air was too beautiful to let a grumpy rider foul the mood.  Karl entertained the group with his wise stories about fast cows and slow cows, or was it fast bulls and slow bulls, road kill and chafed nipples... and in between parting wisdom, could be heard moaning about getting old and low and finding the pace a tad to fast.  
Karl and Sibylle turned around at the 11km mark, while Michael and Kyndra continued with a loop around Stanley Park, False Creek and along the beaches to the University Endowment lands.  Both finished what they set out to do.  Micheal's support crew included Sean, a avid photographer, so we'll hopefully post some nice images soon.

Please post your comments, impressions, corrections to the results and feedback anytime via the comment link below.  

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First Name Last Name City Age Event Time Time
Kyndra Moeller Burnaby 30-39 50 Miles 2 10:58 PB
Michael Brassil North Vancouver 50-59 50km 2 6:15:40
Sibylle Tinsel North Vancouver 50-59 Custom - 22km 2 02:25
Karl Jensen North Vancouver 60-69 Custom - 22km 2+2** 02:25







* Bonus points - picked up garbage 

** Event Host Points

Please advise if you picked up trash, helped an old lady cross the street or other point worthy deeds. If I have missed someone, please advise as well. 

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Don't Sweat 50

My first CFA event at last. Good to meet some kindred spirits and run with a pack for a while. Good weather, good company and special thanks to Margot, Sean, Sarah and Peter for pro support and photos. Had a good day, 50km trumps my previous PB distance of a marathon. Working on CFA blog entries full of gory run details and some nutrition notes for geeks. 

kmoeller's picture

Done like dinner

About 20 miles in, I thought maybe I'd bitten off more than I could chew, given my road training has been sparse the last couple months . However, I did manage the 50 miles I committed to, and actually added on a little distance since I decided to make a detour to my favorite coffee haunt in kits for a little rocket fuel on the way back. That pepped me up substantially and the rest of the day went by reasonably pleasantly and pain-free. My final time is 10:58. A big PR for that distance on the road for me, even with the extra fun I tacked on (garmin says 52 miles), so I can't complain. 

Thanks for the company for the first little while guys! It was a pleasure to get a little chat time in before going solo for the rest of the day. 

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Congrats on your run and PB,

Congrats on your run and PB, Kyndra.  It was nice to chat with you before Karl and I turned around.  I was tempted to keep going with you, but a. am doing a Half Marathon in 3 weeks and want to work on my speed, rather than mileage and b.  didn't bring any sustenance to fuel a longer run...

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