2011 Seawall 100

Starter Photo - 22 October 2011 

About 10 runners set out just after 8:00 am this morning to tackle the Seawall 100. Three of them are hoping to complete the full 100 Mile distance, another 3 were aiming to finish 50 Miles and the rest had signed up for various custom distances.  

The morning dawned gray and very wet.  Old Action Jackson made a last minute call and opted to stay home and dry.  The brave hearts that did show, were surprised to see blue sky in the west as they approached Ambleside Beach after about 20min running.  Sure enough the weather dried out - at least for me (Sibylle) to finish my 10km custom course with the sun smiling down at me.

Karl will post results and a report below after everybody has finished tomorrow.  In the meantime, please feel free to add your comments below.

Event Report:  There's not very much to add to what others have already posted.  After completing 50 miles Norma decided to go home and spend some quality time with her mother who is visiting from Mexico.  Stephen sucumbed to uncontrollable shivering due to the cold and wisely decided to call it a day after 110K.  A good effort by both. 
Craig continued on alone and finished the full 100 miles in 23:09, setting a new course record.  Congratulations Craig!  It's tough being out there alone in the night.

Please post your comments, impressions, corrections to the results and feedback anytime via the comment link below.  

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Name Distance Time Points
Craig Slagel *** 100 M      23:09    2+1*
Stephen Gould 110 K      13:40    2
Adrian Powell 50 M      9:50    2
Norma Bastidas 50 M      10:40    2+1*
Rachel Fouladi 50 K      6:10    2+1*
Thomas Marquardt 25 M      4:35    2
Eric Rannaud 24 K      2:30    2
Desmond Mott 12 K      1:09    2+1*
Sibylle Tinsel 10 K      1:02    2+1*
Reza Ghazizadeh     -1

* Bonus points - picked up garbage 
** Event Host Points

*** New course record

Please advise if you picked up trash, helped an old lady cross the street or other point worthy deeds. If I have missed someone, please advise as well. 

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points? Helped a disabled lady

Both me and Norma helped a lady who had crashed her electric wheelchair into a bike rack and one of her wheels was stuck, so after 70k we had to lift up the wheelchair (she wasn't on it) and save the day. Do we get points?

A flower out of place and points

A weed is just a flower where it's not supposed to be.

An object where it's not supposed to be is trash.

So yes, you each get one trash point.

Vancouver 100 mile city tour

This was my first urban 100, I've run quite a few trail ultras and hundreds but never one that loops around a city. What better way to really see Vancouver and even better I live on the course so had my own aid station.

My plan was to bring some food by really use Vancouver as my aid station using concession stands, coffee shops and bakeries to keep me going. During the race I went to terra Breads, Waves, Cafe Villagino, Norma's car. During the day we used various community centers for water refills and bathrooms. At night I had to be slightly more creative for bathrooms, I'm just happy Vancouver has lots of trees and bushes on the Seawall.

I ran then first half with Norma, we had so much fun chatting and laughing she decided to call it at day at 80k. I wanted to see the course again at night so headed out for more fun, this time to take it nice and slow.

It was a little colder than I expected and was too lazy and scared to go home again and get more layers, as long as I ran (shuffle something close to walking pace) I was able to stay warm. So I would run, then walk, get cold and start running again, eventually I did less walking. I also was eating a lot, I made a stop at my favorite coffee shop got a big hot chocolate and some cookies plus my pack and pockets well full of food Norma gave me.

The night was amazing, there was a low mist, mirror still water and amazing starts, running around false creak the whole city was reflected in the water, with patches of mist giving everything a magical feel. Even during the day the maple trees were almost glowing, it was a beautiful day and night

Eventually I was back on the bridge for the home stretch, it was still dark, the wind has picked up a little so I ran to stay warm. Not to long later I was looking for the finish, I had a few times when I though I was there (everything looks different in the dark), but eventually I saw the globe thing and was happy to be done after 23h:09m

Now I just had to figure out how to get home. I sat for a few mins and started to get cold, walked up to marine drive, the vancouver bus was pulling up, I ran for the bus and made it. I'm sure my legs are only sore from that 25m sprint for the bus.
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You are such a modest stud!  Looking at you, so mellow at the Mosquito Creek Grill as I was en route to the hardware store, I could not believe you just ran 100-miles!  Dude, you could have said, "Give me six orders of the sockeye salmon" or ordered one.. the waitress could not conceive of running 100-miles!

Nice to set a world record, eh?


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What a great and poetic

What a great and poetic summary, Craig.  Congratulations.  A lot of will power goes into running another 80km alone in the dark after already having done 80km.  Congratulations. Sorry for missing the finisher party...I was tied up in house and family maintanance... 


Well I wish I had know there were going to be so many hearty souls out there...
 I signed up for custom -- and what a custom it is...

Act 1. 24.5km this morning in 3:04 entailing the route from dundarave out to the new convention centre and then up to prospect point from the seawall over the lions gate bridge back to dundarave -- It was great to run with the group this morning, but I wasn't quite willing to be wet all day (from the morning's dampness) and had already decided first thing in the morning I'd be happy with a 25-35km run. And although the weather was beautiful, I didn't necessarily want to push it more and be too far away from my aid-station on wheels.

Intermission. After returning to my car, changing, warming/drying out, I headed to Park Royal Whole Foods for a cafe au lait and a visit to the new Saloman store as well as the Nike store. Off to Kits I went to check out a furniture store my mother wanted me to look at, and then to Kits point by the park west of the museum. Car parked, changing into one of my favorite now dry running tops, I spotted Stephen toodling Eastward! I finished changing, locked the car...

Act 2. ...and then headed west, not more than 100m into the westward run I saw Adrian whom I joined (yes I u-turned) and kept him company all along the seawall under the lionsgate bridge to the turnoff I used to climb up to prospect point. Another u-turn, back along the seawall to the vancouver aquatics centre, over the burrard street bridge, right on chestnut, another right running parallel to the burrard street bridge to the coast guard station, left turn along the seawall keeping as close to the beach as possible, passed the car, almost to the point where I met Adrian -- yes another 25.5km this completed in 3:06.

Cumulative run/walk/chat time 6:10. Now if we include the intermission we have to add another 3:30 ;)

Now the question is...is this the end of the performance...or is this another intermission... I will know in the morning... For now I'm happy to call this a 50km day!

And oh! I did remember to take the appropriate action to earn a garbage point during Act 1...


The weather turned out quite

The weather turned out quite nice after half an hour. Beautiful views of downtown Vancouver. You probably were right Ean though, today was not the day for "antiques" Huaraches.

Put me down for 24k, 2:30. Thanks Karl!

I broke a toe (the little one on the right foot) at Frosty Mountain a month ago, so the little running I've done since has been in these "shoes", so that it wouldn't press on my toe. I had done 25k on trails in my sandals before, without any problems. But with the rain, the ropes get very tight, and that creates some friction and with a bit of grit...

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You have suffered, my son

Have a beer and take the day off today!

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Karl, please mark me down for

Karl, please mark me down for 62min about 10km + garbage.  Nice run with Rachel, Norma, Craig, Thomas and Stephen.

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