2012 - Pure Satisfaction Results - Year 10

Starter Photo - 9 December 2012 (29 Starters)


It was drizzling at the start in Deep Cove, our favourite starting point, sorry Craig! There were 28 starters and one retriever, Dynasty, who was working the crowd for pats like a professional. Mind you once she got on the trail her nose went into overtime and poor Craig had to slow down, you cannot rush a sniffing dog. We were chased on the first section by Gottfried's dog desperately tracking him down, what a reunion it was. The group soon spread out and as we climbed the slopes of Seymour the snow began. Luckily it wasn't really sticking, so we only had to contend with lots of mud and a little ice on some of the wood walk ways on the top of Seymour. Even the Lynn boardwalks were not icy after having been warned they might be.

Randy was doing the loop twice for 50kms, so we saw him three times, crazy man. In the process he set a new course record of 6:05, well done Randy. Of course we now have an up and a down route, so what's it going to be next year? By the time we came back over Seymour it was really getting it's winter wonderland look with the trees drooping under the snow, what a treat. Deep Cove was soon reached and Honeys beckoned for eggs benedict and coffee. there were still a few runners finishing off lunch so there were two lucky winners of Trail Runner magazine subscriptions, thank you Sibylle and Club Fatass.

The only oops moment of the run for us was when we got back to Vancouver and realized we had left the sign in clipboard on the rear wheel of the car, so back we went to Deep Cove to retrieve it, we didn't want to disappoint everyone by losing their results. Luckily for us it was lying forlornly in the parking lot, safe in it's plastic bag.

Thanks for coming out everyone, it was fun and maybe next year we can do a dual start to satisfy everyone. See you at the Fatass 50.

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First Name Last Name City Age Event Split Total time Points
Randy Hunter North Vancouver 40-49 50km 03:05 06:05 2
Barry Berg Vancouver 40-49 25km   03:15 2
Jim Swadling North Vancouver 60-69 25km   03:15 2
Pamela Keck North Vancouver 30-39 25km   03:30 1
Shem Sharifi North Vancouver 40-49 25km   03:30 2
Jessica Glowacki Vancouver 30-39 25km   03:43 2
Andy Healey Vancouver 40-49 25km   03:45 2
Helen Tilley White Rock 40-49 25km   03:54 2
Marc Schmitz North Vancouver 30-39 25km   03:59 2
Linda Barton North Vancouver 30-39 25km and then some   04:11 2
Kate Fremlin North Vancouver 20-29 25km   04:15 2
Dave Berg Burnaby 40-49 25km   04:15 2
Neil Ambrose Maple Ridge 40-49 25km   04:15 2
Spencer Sheinin West Vancouver 30-39 25km   04:17 2
Keith Nichol Vancouver 50-59 25km   04:28 2+2+1
Corinne Pitre-Hayes Vancouver 50-59 25km   04:28 2+2
Eric Bjorklund Vancouver 40-49 25km   03:23 1
Sam Chiu Vancouver 30-39 25km   ? 2
Nick Constantin 778-231-1574 25km   ? 1
Carolyn King Maple Ridge 50-59 25km   05:00 2
Rachel Fouladi Burnaby 40-49 25km  



Banafsheh Sokhansanj North Vancouver 40-49 Custom 20km   03:35 1
Jonathan Weresch Vancouver 40-49 custom 20km   03:40 1
Craig Slagel Vancouver 40-49 custom   02:45 2
Janet Mackintosh North Vancouver 50-59 custom   01:50 2 +1
Gottfried Grosser     custom   01:51 1
Sibylle Tinsel North Vancouver 40-49 Custom   01:31 2 + 1
Rick Arikado Vancouver 50-59 custom   01:21 1
Ean Jackson North Vancouver 50-59 custom   01:21 2
Sasha Brown North Vancouver 40-49 0   DNS -1
James Greewnood Port Moody  30-39 0   DNS -1
Rebecca Sherlock Vancouver 30-39 0   DNS -1




















































*   Bonus Point (Garbage Pick-Up)
** Event Host Points























9:30 start point variant...25km completed +

Hello Keith, my variant start point yielded a 5h25m to complete the 25km.
Good new was I also remembered to pick up some grabage! Carolyn is my witness! Had a lovely time out there!! Thank you Carolyn! Thank you trail!Thank you weather! Thank you layers! Thank you gear! Thank you CFA! Thank you life!

Thanks for the event Keith

Thanks for the event Keith and to Jim Swadling for leading the way!

Erik Bjorklund time for Sundays run

I finished at 12:23 and I think we started at 9am so 3hr 23min.



neil ambrose's picture


Hi Keith, Thanks for a great event! As long as one kept moving, conditions were fine. Please put Dave Berg and I down for 4:15 and Carolyn King for 5:00 hrs. Cheers, Neil

Randy Hunter's comment....

Super cool run, sure was awesome to see familiar faces again. Loved the treacherous downhills; hell of a tough 50km. Thanks everyone. See you soon for the New Years fat ass! Randy

Hello, Just writing to let


Just writing to let you know I arrived safe and sound after my custom run
(not sure of distance - maybe 20km? it took me 3:35). Thanks for organizing -
it was lots of fun, especially the winter wonderland at the top of the
Seymour Grind.



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Hi Keith , Please put me down

Hi Keith , Please put me down for custom distance 1:31h plus garbage.

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