2011 - Pure Satisfaction Results - Year 9

Starter Photo - 11 December 2011 (missing a few late comers,  a couple of dogs and their owners and Craig, our host)


Year number 9!  And the weather was perfect. It was our second start from the Lynn Canyon end and I'm thinking I like it better that way although Pure Satisfaction stalwart Keith Nichol and his running companion Corinne preferred the traditional Deep Cove start along with some others. Thankfully the Event Host doesn't have to have a reason but at least one of them is that it took me less than 4 minutes to drive to the Lynn Canyon start ... guess I coulda walked I suppose. But then I wouldn't have had a place to store piggy while we all went for a stroll. 

Karl and Chad showed up well on time after starting in Deep Cove earlier on their planned 50km event. Karl squeezed it out in the end and Chad was done after 30km. We had a couple of stragglers and a couple of newbies and about the finest weather you could have hoped for. Crisp, clear, cool, almost no ice and slippery bits except for the boardwalks here and there. 

Prizes were given out at the beginning although a bunch of us floculated at Delany's after the run for coffee (two members of Bagger Team Dodgy were in attendance along with piggy). 

After coffee and treats we slowly departed and began thinking of our next Vancouver event ... the Fat Ass 50 run and dip. Hope to see you there on January 1 and thanks for attending Pure Satisfaction once again.



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First Last Distance Time Points
Karl Jensen 50km 8:41 2
Eric Rannaud 37.5km 6:15 2
Chad Hyson 30km 4:56 2
Ran Katzman 25km 2:53 1
Marc Schmitz 25km 3:07 2
Mark Rowat 25km 3:08 1
Justin Wiens 25km 3:14 1
Glenn Cameron 25km 3:34 1
Desmond Mott 25km 3:35 2+1*
Bill Maurer 25km 3:57 2+1*
Julie Flynn 25km 4:00 1
Craig Slagel 25km 4:40 1
Keith Nichol 25km 4:53 1
Corinne Pitre-Hayes 25km 4:53 1
Gottfried Grosser 20km 4:00 1
Liza Flemming 19km 3:30 2+1*
Craig Moore 19km 3:30 2+2+1**
Colin Freeland 17km 2:18 1
Jay Jardine Custom 3:30 2
Ray Levasseur Custom 2:35 2
Sibylle Tinsel Custom 1:05 2+1*
Ean Jackson Custom 1:03 2+1*
* garbage pick up      
** garbage and event host    
Ramo Gencay dns   -1






colinfreeland's picture

Great run as always thanks Craig

I Ran 2:18 to Indian River road and back (about 17km??).


Chad Hyson's picture


Thanks Craig for another great Pure Satisfaction.  Karl and I started early from Deep Cove, Karl went for the full 50 Km, I only had 5 hours to run and I think I got in roughly 30 km in 4:56.

Marc's picture

I really enjoyed my inaugural CFA run

Thanks for organizing the event Craig.

Hope to meet lots more people at future events. Thinking of the Mountan Hwy Madness.

We'll see.

Thanks again Craig

That was a great run, especially doing it the wrong way round, Honeys was perfect for a refuel at the finish. Our time was a very lazy 4:53 and my fellow Fat arser was Corinne Pitre-Hayes. 

Did 37.5k in 6:15, finishing

Did 37.5k in 6:15, finishing in Deep Cove. Congrats to the 6:30am 50k starters ... thanks Karl for flashlight offer to finish the whole 50k, but I had to chicken out today. It was a gorgeous day out there. Getting balmy in the afternoon. Thanks Craig.

Beautiful day for a run

 I came in with a time of 3;35 for 25km and I did pick-up some trash. Thanks for putting the event on 


I got a late start but it was

I got a late start but it was great to see everyone out there. My time was around 4:40 for 25k+ (added a few bonus k, but made up for in Delany's :)
Sibylle's picture

Hi Craig, Thanks for a great

Hi Craig, Thanks for a great run. Please mark me down for 1:05 (out and back to the pipeline) and Ean for 1:03 (not sure to where).  We both picked up garbage.

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